Sumeet Patil

Visiting Faculty, General Management

Sumeet heads NEERMAN, a non-profit research firm that specialises in impact evaluations and allied policy research in water and sanitation, agriculture, energy and disaster management sectors. Sumeet is affiliated with Prestels (a sister concern of NEERMAN) as a principal consultant for chemical and industrial disaster management.

Sumeet’s professional expertise includes impact evaluations, developing monitoring and evaluation systems, economic and policy research using experimental and quasi-experimental methods, probabilistic health risk assessments, non-market valuation of environmental and natural resources, developing emergency preparedness policies and plans, and developing e-governance systems. He has worked on several projects for the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Food Safety and Inspection Service, the US Food and Drug Administration, and several other clients.

Sumeet has extensively published in leading international journals and presented in conferences and seminars worldwide. He has two masters degrees in Environmental Economics and Environmental Engineering from the North Carolina State University, Raleigh. Currently, he is a doctoral degree candidate at the University of California at Berkeley.

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