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Arindam Das

Professor, Strategy

Arindam Das, a practitioner-turned-academic, specialises in the areas of corporate strategy, governance, and digital transformation. For more than two decades, he worked with technology consulting and services organizations before joining academia. His current research spans diverse areas of business performance: technology-enabled business model transformation, cross-border investments of emerging market firms, and sustainability initiatives of multinational enterprises. He holds a Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, where his thesis was on cross-border M&A. He is a certified independent director from the Institute of Directors.

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Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi

Ph.D., Focus area: Cross-border M&A

Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta


Regional Engineering College (NIT), Calicut



    Cross-border investments of emerging market multinationals

    Technology-enabled business model transformation

    Sustainability initiatives of multinational enterprises


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    8th International Conference in Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, Governance and Innovation, ISAE Brazilian Business School, Curitiba, Brazil (UN PRME CR3+), Pivoting from Sustainable Development Goals to “simple doable goals”: Can social innovation help? Oct 2021

    Strategic Management Society 41st Annual Conference, Strategic Management Society (SMS), Toronto, Organizations as Synesthetes: Extra-sensational Sensemaking, Sep 2021

    Academy of International Business (AIB) Annual Meeting, Copenhagen, Manufacturing Value Networks of Multinationals: How Digital Technologies are Reshaping the Relationships Embedded in the OLI Paradigm, Jun 2019

    IIBG 2nd Annual Academia-Industry Exchange, Hong Kong, Journey Towards Circular Economy: From Sustainability Reporting to Business Model Transformation, Oct 2018


    Reviewer for a few journals published by Emerald, Elsevier, and Wiley


    Strategic Management

    Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

    International Business

    Strategy Simulation (Capstone)

    Strategies for the Digital Economy


    Won the “That’s Interesting” award for the paper presented at AIB Annual Meeting at Copenhagen Business School in 2019


    Professional Positions 

    Professor, T A Pai Management Institute, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, 2019-2022

    Associate Professor, IFMR Graduate School of Management, Krea University, 2017-2019

    Associate Professor, Centre for Management Studies, Administrative Staff College of India, 2015-2017

    Senior Manager, Accenture India, 2013-2019

    Principal, Business Services, Infosys Ltd, 2001-2013

    Assistant Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services, 1992-2001


    Engaged with large multinationals in the automotive and financial services domains on technology implementation programmes


    Conducted MDP programs (in-house and open) for mid-level executives from public sector enterprises on strategic decision-making, and planning processes  


    Strategic Management Society (SMS)

    Association for Information Systems (AIS)

    Academy of International Business (AIB)

    Institute of Directors (IoD)

    Project Management Institute (PMI)

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