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Anirudh Shingal

Professor, Finance & Economics

Anirudh Shingal holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Sussex, UK, and a master’s degree in International Law and Economics from the World Trade Institute, University of Bern, Switzerland. An avid researcher, his experience covers over 20 years of diverse roles with distinguished international organisations and institutions, such as the World Bank, WTO, World Trade Institute, and European University Institute.

His research contributions to services trade, government procurement, global value chains, and regional integration have been presented and published in leading academic journals, international conferences, and book chapters. He offers consulting in economics research and policy analysis to a range of international institutions, including the World Bank, ADB, the European Commission, and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

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University of Sussex

Ph.D., 2009
Focus: International Economics, Applied Econometrics, Development
Title: Three essays on trade in services: exploring tradability, regional trade, and government procurement of services

World Trade Institute

Master’s in International Law & Economics, 2002
Major: International Trade
Title: The Agreement on Government Procurement: an analysis of submissions made by Japan

Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University

MA, 1999

St. Stephen’s College

BA (Hons.), 1996.
Major: Economics


    International Trade

    Applied Econometrics

    Regional Economics

    Trade Policy


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    Business Economics


    International Trade


    Associate Professor, S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research (Jan 2021 – Now)

    Finance & Economics

    ICRIER, New Delhi (November 2018 – October 2020)

    Senior Fellow

    World Trade Institute, Bern (January 2010 – December 2017)


    World Trade Institute, Bern (January 2010 – December 2017)

    Senior Research Fellow

    European University Institute, Florence (September 2016 – August 2017)

    Jean Monnet Fellow

    University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton (October 2005 – September 2009)

    Research Associate

    University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton (October 2005 – September 2009)

    Associate Tutor

    The World Bank, Washington D.C. (November 2002 – September 2005).


    World Trade Organization, Geneva (August 2002 – October 2002).

    Trainee, Development & Economic Research Division

    Arthur Andersen, New Delhi (June 2001 – September 2001)

    Economist, International Tax & Transfer Pricing Division


    For-profit organisation, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), Jakarta, New Delhi, India. (October 2020 – December 2020)

    International organization, Commonwealth Secretariat, New Delhi, India. (May 2020 – August 2020)

    For-profit organisation, The World Bank, New Delhi, India. (March 2018 – October 2018)

    Government, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK, Bern, Switzerland. (March 2017 – September 2017)

    Government, Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), Bern, Bern, Switzerland. (September 2016 – May 2017)

    For-profit organisation, Asian Development Bank, Bern, Switzerland. (December 2016 – March 2017)

    For-profit organisation, The World Bank, Florence, Italy. (September 2016 – March 2017)

    For-profit organisation, Commonwealth Secretariat, Bern, Switzerland. (September 2014 – December 2014)


    Associate Editor, Journal of South Asian Development, Appointed. (December 2021 – Present)

    Managing Editor on Manuscripts


    Journal of Economic Geography

    Journal of Development Economics

    Review of International Economics

    The World Economy

    World Trade Review

    Climate Policy

    Review of International Organizations

    Review of World Economics

    International Tax and Public Finance

    German Economic Review

    Canadian Journal of Development Studies

    Journal of International Trade and Economic Development

    Indian Growth and Development Review

    International Journal of Global Energy Issues

    Ethics and International Affairs

    Foreign Trade Review

    Economic Research South Africa

    International Trade Journal

    GTAP Annual Conferences

    Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance

    Australian Economic Papers

    Applied Energy

    Journal of Indian Business Research

    Global Policy

    Economic Change and Restructuring


    Co-organiser, World Trade Institute and Jindal Law School, New Delhi. (May 2015)

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