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Andreas Kappes

Visiting Faculty, Organisation & Leadership Studies

Andreas Kappes is currently a Senior Lecturer, Psychology at the City University of London. In the past, he has been associated with the University of Oxford as Research Fellow. He completed his post-doctoral studies at University College London, New York University, in 2014.

Andreas works deep dive into the social behaviour of humans, from the mundane to the magnificent, from the best to the worst and everything in between. He is specifically interested in how the unavoidable uncertainty in all our social decisions affects our behaviour, how and when others influence us, and how we learn about ourselves and others. He has a strong interest in evidence-based policy, especially in relation to infectious diseases and pandemics.

His approach is situated between psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural economics. As a social psychologist, he focuses on the circumstances: what are the situations when people are likely to cooperate, and what are the situations when people are likely to cheat? He is trying to use his neuroscientific training to understand how the psychological mechanisms that support the behaviour are implemented in the brain. He often uses economic decisions and experiments inspired by behavioural economic approaches to study social behaviour.

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