Assistant Professor, Information Management & Analytics

Aishvarya holds a Ph.D in Decision Sciences from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB). During her time at IIMB, she not only pursued her doctoral research but also gained valuable experience as a post-doctoral fellow for a year. She has completed her Master’s and Bachelor’s in Statistics from Banaras Hindu University (BHU). Prior to her doctoral studies, Aishvarya excelled as a Data Scientist at IBM, where she was awarded the IBM Eminence & Excellence Rising Star Award. Additionally, she was honoured with the Intel India Research Fellowship for her dissertation project and has collaborated with organisations such as Intel, Dream11, ONE Championship, Gameskraft, and more.

Her thesis focuses on addressing contemporary business and legal challenges in the online gaming sector through data-driven methodologies. Her research interests span business analytics, sports analytics, data-driven policy-making, social media analytics, and the application of statistics across various sectors, including retail. Through the application of rigorous academic research to practical industry scenarios, she aims to make substantial contributions to academia, business, and society.

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Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Ph.D. (2023). Focus: Decision Sciences

Department of Statistics, B.H.U.

M.Sc. (2016). Major: Statistics

Department of Statistics, B.H.U.

B.Sc. (2014). Major: Statistics


    Business Analytics

    Data-Driven Decision Making

    Social Media Analytics

    Sports Analytics

    Text Mining

    Natural Language Processing

    Stochastic Models


    Aishvarya, Sringeswara, S., Grover, S., U Kumar, D. (2023). “Online Gaming: A Data-Driven Regula- tory Framework”. Economic and Political Weekly, 58(21)


    Governing the Online Gaming Sector: Challenges and the Way Forward. Artificial Intelligence Applications in Environmental, Social, and Governance, IIM Bangalore (December 2023) [Invited Talk]

    What Drives Acceptance of a New Technology? A Data-Driven Approach (with Dinesh Kumar U, Denis Dennehy). EurOMA Conference, Berlin, Germany (July, 2022)

    POMS Annual Conference (April, 2022) (Virtual):

    • i.) Fantasy Sports: A Game of Skill or Chance?
      (with Tirthatanmoy Das, Dinesh Kumar U)
    • ii.) What Drives Acceptance of a New Technology? A Data-Driven Approach
      (with Dinesh Kumar U, Denis Dennehy)

    Fantasy Sports: A Game of Skill or Chance? (with Tirthatanmoy Das, Dinesh Kumar U). European Conference on Stochastic Optimization (ECSO), Italy (June 2022)

    Fantasy Sports: A Game of Skill or Chance? (with Tirthatanmoy Das, Dinesh Kumar U). International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence (ICBAI) (December 2021)

    IPPN Annual Conference, IIM Ahmedabad (Dec, 2022)

    • i.) Online Gaming Regulation: Need of Categorization and Data-Driven Policy Making (with Tirthatanmoy Das, Dinesh Kumar U)
    • ii.) Regulating Online Gaming: Harnessing Science to Enhance State Capacity
      (with Rajeev Gowda, Ramprasad A., Shonali T., Fiza T., Shyam S.S.)

    Do Users’ Experiences Speak Louder than the Firm’s Official Tweets? The Case of Daily Fantasy Sports (with Dinesh Kumar U, Denis Dennehy). Annual International Research Conference (AIRC), IIM Lucknow (December 2022)


    Aishvarya, Das, T. & U Kumar, D. “A Decision Support System for Policy-Making: Quantifying Skill and Chance in Daily Fantasy Sports”.

    Seth, N., Aishvarya, Rahul & U Kumar, D. “Predicting Customers’ Forgetfulness Using Bayesian Bandits: The Case of Online Grocery Shopping”.

    Aishvarya, U Kumar, D. & Dennehy, D. “Joining a Firm’s Online Community: Are Firm’s Tweets More Persuasive Than Other Users’ Experiences?”.

    Aishvarya & U Kumar, D. “Using News Alert Systems to Identify Disruption Risk in Supply Chain: Setting Wake-Up Calls for Risk Management”

    Bhattacharya, B., Aishvarya, Majumdar, A. “Business Health, Demonetisation and Political Alignment: A Subnational Analysis”

    Aishvarya & U Kumar, D. “Role of Time Constraint in the Performance-Risk Relationship: Evidence from Online Rummy Contests”


    Business Analytics

    Sports Analytics

    Foundations of Data Science

    Python for Data Science

    Applied Statistics Using R


    As Course Instructor:

    PGPBA Preparatory Course “Python for Data Science” (2021 and 2022)

    Pre-Doctoral Course “Probability and Statistics Theory” (Term II, 2022)

    Pre-Doctoral Course “Applied Statistics Using R” (Term III, 2022)

    As a Teaching Assistant:

    (Responsible for taking tutorial sessions, doubt-clarification and evaluation)

    PGP Course “Decision Sciences-II” (Regression and Optimization)

    PGP Course “Business Analytics & Intelligence”

    PGPBA Course “Machine Learning & Applications”

    PGPBA Course “Natural Language Processing”

    PGPBA Course “Machine Learning Operations & System Designs”

    PhD Course “Statistics for Management Research”

    Note: All the above courses were taught at IIM, Bangalore
    (PGP: Post Graduate Programme in Management; PGPBA: Post Graduate Programme in Business Analytics)

    Intel India Research Fellowship (2021 – 2022)

    Prof. S.N. Singh Memorial Gold Medal Award, B.H.U. (2016)

    Best Paper Award, AIRC Conference, IIM Lucknow (2022)

    IBM Eminence and Excellence: Rising Star Award (2016)


    Post-Doctoral Fellow (Apr 2023 – March 2023)

    Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore


    IBM (01 August 2016 – 26 April 2018)

    Data Scientist


    Intel: Using Artificial Intelligence in Building a Resilient Semiconductor Supply Chain

    Gameskraft: Evaluating Players’ Decision-Making Behaviour and Performance in Online Rummy Contests

    ONEChampionship: Designing Skill-Dominant DFS Platform


    Reviewer, Decision Support Systems

    Reviewer, IIMB Management Review

    Reviewer, 29th EurOMA Conference, Berlin

    Reviewer & Program Committee Member, 20th IFIP Conference, NUI, Ireland


    Tutor, Office of Disability Services (ODS), IIMB


    Member, Production and Operations Management Society (POMS)

    Member, EQUIS Re-Accreditation Student Team


    Intel India Research Fellowship (2021-2022)

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