Mentoring is essential in today’s world to motivate individuals and drive high performing professional teams. Progressive companies are focussing on mentoring as a strategic initiative to tap into the potential of each employee. Combined with contemporary training techniques, if implemented successfully, it becomes an effective tool to yield positive outcomes for the individual, teams and the entire organization. Hence most organizations are aiming to impart these skills to their employees to inculcate a culture of ‘engagement’ and ‘effectiveness’ within the organization.


  • Build awareness of the mentoring process, its importance and applicability in the current context of any organization
  • Learn mentoring skills to enable mentees reach their full potential
  • Become enablers of driving a culture of effective mentoring to yield positive outcomes for self, others and the organization


The program will use a mix of pedagogical tools including :

  • Videos
  • Experiential individual and group activities
  • Role-plays
  • Case studies

Programme content

  • Fundamentals of mentoring including building awareness of Mentoring Models
  • Understand aspects of virtual & hybrid mentoring, reverse mentoring and other contemporary aspects.
  • Mentoring process & role modelling
  • Importance of mentoring initiative towards employee engagement and talent development
  • Mentoring skill building, its application to organizational effectiveness
  • Develop a road map for the mentoring process to enable organizational effectiveness

Who should attend?

This programme is designed for middle to senior level management.

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