Enterprise Sales is a broad term used to signify Business to Business selling, typically with the intent to engage customers in a long term relationship and provide high-value, customised solutions consisting of one or more products with a combination of value added services. This has 3 major components of territory management, account management and opportunity management.

By implication, this is a high-value (by ticket size) sales with a longer selling cycle, and covers the entire gamut of activities including the process of identifying the focus market segment with the targeted profile, lead generation through CRM tools, account mapping, need identification or hypothesis building using industry context and also includes the stages of proposition, negotiation and closure of sale. This program is extremely relevant and critical for participants who desire to do business development, solution selling, consultative selling, industrial selling, and IT sales or even those who are responsible for P&L, such as project managers.


  • Discussions
  • Role-play
  • Case analysis
  • Classroom Exercises


This course is designed to create best-in-breed sales professionals who excel at creating value, for their customers and their organization and move up the value chain from being a “vendor” to a “trusted partner”. Hence the program aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts and time tested approaches towards the complex task of Solution Selling, which is completely practice-oriented, skill-based learning; through a combination of case studies, role-plays and live industry examples.

All the following aspects will be covered

  • Understand the nuanced difference between “product” Vs “solution”, the need to move from “product” to “solution” and its implications on organisations and salespeople
  • Significance of “Customer Segmentation” and customer profiling, in Solution selling
  • Lead generation and pipeline management, including “qualification” of opportunities.
  • Basics of Account Management
  • Aligning the sales process to the customer’s buying process
  • Building up the case for investment with the key sponsor
  • Role of RFP and consultants
  • Key principles of Solution selling
  • Creating hooks in customer`s mind using “Story telling”

Learning outcomes

  • A deep understanding of the key elements of sales process and its alignment to buying decision process
  • Ability to influence the “buying vision” of the customer by a differentiated approach of engagement
  • Competency to develop an account based strategy, using account plans and leveraging extended teams
  • Ability to build deep and sustainable client relationships, create impact with thought leadership in the chosen industry.
  • This program is highly valuable for B to B sellers, business owners/ entrepreneurs, sales leaders and project managers, who want to upscale their skills towards being a “partner” rather than a “salesman”.

Who should attend?

This program is meant for sales professionals in the B to B industry who are keen to upgrade their skills and be valued partners of their customers rather than ” salesmen”.

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