Negotiation is described as a complex three-stage process which consists of preparation, negotiating, and post-negotiation implementation and evaluation.


This interactive two-day programme is designed to increase the productivity of an organization by drawing on the latest research in the psychology of judgement, along with theories of negotiation and decision making.

The programme focusses on enhancing personal communication effectiveness by adopting rational thinking and identifying the barriers to optimal negotiation outcomes. It aims to improve decision making skills and thereby achieve better results across the vast array of competitive environments.


  • Lectures and discussions
  • Exercises (games, group work, presentations)
  • Case studies /Incidents (traditional, online)
  • Interactive class activities (role playing, business game, simulation)
  • Multimedia tools with examples

Key benefits

By the end of this programme, participants will learn:

  • Concepts of pre-negotiation preparations; various models for effective negotiations
  • Concepts of Distributive, Integrative and Win-Win Negotiations
  • To develop a systematic framework for improving negotiation outcomes
  • To identify common psychological pitfalls that obstruct optimal agreements
  • To close deals that create more value for all parties while yielding appropriate results
  •  Overcoming barriers to negotiation
  • To realize better outcomes by preparing more appropriately and making the right moves

Who should attend?

  • This program is designed for all managers who would like to enhance their influence their stakeholders by improving their negotiation and decision-making skills.

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