These are unpredictable, uncertain, and unprecedented economic times. The business environment is becoming blended: work from home and work from the office, virtual and physical, online and offline, human and robots are getting integrated, and thereby creating new challenges for business leaders in terms of workplace management and workplace ethics. Forces of change and global uncertainties are affecting the way work is done, how it is done, and also the one who is doing the work. It is expected that our business and society will change and respond differently from the survival of the fittest to the survival of the cheapest. This will lead to new challenges for OD consultants to create an organization that is stronger, leaner, sharper, and faster and operating in a digital environment and guided by digital culture.  These are unimaginable times which no one has experienced during their lives and therefore there is greater need to prepare for, create and shape the future using a mix of practical insights and academic rigor.  The organization will have to devise new strategies to resurge and confront the new business challenges and opportunities for short term and long term growth.


  • Changing, Adapting, and Navigating in New Blended Business Environment
  • To understand the changing business landscape and how to respond to it
  • Understanding the effectiveness of remote worker and remote working teams
  • Understanding Changing dynamics – Culture, Structure, Rewards, Talent
  • Addressing the New Work behavior arising out of social distancing and personal hygiene
  • Managing Mental wellbeing through stressful situations
  • Aligning Purpose, Performance, and Principles with the needs of the Organization, Community and People

Learning outcomes

  • Changing the environment and how to respond with courage, conviction and Self Reliance
  • Understanding changing organizational dynamics and handling resistance in disruptive change
  • Leading and Managing remote workers and remote teams – Accountability, Productivity, and Empowerment
  • Building Trust and Teaming
  • Communicating and Decision Making under crisis environment
  • Crisis management, Critical thinking, and Risk-Taking during unpredictable times
  • Building Resilience in individuals and teams
  • Creativity and Innovative approach in dealing with bad news –
  • Unleashing the potential and power of employees during unfavorable times – Experimental Mindset, Dealing with Ambiguity and Freedom to fail
  • Mental well – being of employees during unimaginable situations
  • Business LITE – A New Thought process – Light, Interactive, Tech-Driven, and Energetic workforce and workplace.
  •  Less is More and Shrink to Grow – Developing New Learning Systems

Key benefits

The participants would learn ways for dissecting challenges and develop tools and techniques for promoting innovation and strategic change across their organization.

  • Developing passion, purposeful culture and positivity
  • Identify and overcome barriers to change.
  • Analyze and design a comprehensive strategy for promoting innovation and change throughout your organization.
  • Developing models and frameworks for meeting today’s business-performance challenges while innovating for the future.
  • Applying the program’s insights to your organization’s specific short- and long-term business challenges through facilitated business-challenge workgroups.
  • Share lessons from the classroom and workgroups

Who should attend?

  • Mid to Sr Level executives across all functions

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