Communication is key to business and personal success and good leadership starts with great communication. In the business world, managers and leaders have to communicate their ideas, products and services to a variety of stakeholders including business partners, their teams, customers, distribution channels and investors. Communication is not just talking, but the ability to exchange ideas via active listening, perfect verbal and non-verbal engagement, and command on the language that creates the best impact and is the hallmark of a persuasive leader.


This two-day course aims to equip the participants with the skills of being an effective communicator. They will learn a variety of tools and techniques to help improve their style and delivery. It’s a practical, fun-filled course packed with exercises, games, discussion and practice.


  • Interactive Discussions, lectures, industry examples, videos, classroom Exercises
  • Role-play and case analysis
  • In-class public speaking exercise and feedback

Programme content

  • The understanding of communication process and challenges
  • Communicating at the workplace skills: listening, speaking, language, writing and EQ
  • Structuring, organising and delivering ideas into coherent narrative
  • Using nonverbal and verbal communications strategies to enhance rapport, including body language, and verbal delivery
  • Incorporating storytelling in communications and understanding the powerful impact of storytelling
  • Listening carefully to understand and not just to reply
  • Developing self-awareness, handling interpersonal communication with empathy
  • Knowing own individual styles of communications
  • Better Business presentations
  • Overcoming inhibitions and practicing the art of public speaking.

Learning outcomes

  • Awareness of the impact of own communication style
  • Gaining Active Listening and Responding Skills
  • Managing Conversations with others and in teams
  • Identifying own Strengths
  • Building Confidence in speaking
  • Body Language and Non-Verbal Cues
  • Structuring messages into a compelling narrative that inspires any audience
  • Developing skills to deliver extempore messages

Who should attend?

This communications training course is for those who are required to demonstrate high level of communication skills in their day to day work. It will enhance personal effectiveness, presence and presentations. This program is appropriate for mid-level business professionals with experience, looking to improve their communication skills or deliver messages across diverse stakeholders, such as C-suite executives, cross-functional colleagues, employees, customers, and strategic partners.  Managers in business development and marketing teams and Entrepreneurs will also find this programme useful.

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