Coaching and Mentoring as developmental tools are known to impact individual and organisational performance to the tune of 4x, as compared to training. Developing coaching and mentoring competency is therefore gaining importance in today’s competitive world. Organisations are increasingly realising the need to bolster continuous learning efforts as they strive towards preparing future leaders.


The programme would facilitate:

  • Appreciation of the various roles of the coach and mentor.
  • Development of skills and competencies needed for managers to serve as effective mentors and coaches.
  • Appropriate usage of coaching and mentoring techniques, styles and methods for enhancing productivity and performance.
  • Enhancing team members’ performance through continuous and effective feedback.


  • Case analysis
  • Role plays
  • Video- led discussions
  • Simulation exercises
  • Group discussions
  • Personal development plan

Programme content

  • Delving into the challenges of coaching and mentoring in organisations
  • Dissecting the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring
  • Delineating the roles and functions of a coach and mentor
  • Assessment of coaching and mentoring style profiles
  • Evaluating coaching and mentoring models and frameworks
  • Understanding the dynamics of the coaching and mentoring process
  • Application of coaching and mentoring tools and techniques
  • Fostering a culture of coaching and mentoring
  • Exploring choices and consequences of developmental options
  • Reverse mentoring: Its potential and possibilities
  • Application of developmental tool, and measuring progress & commitment

Key benefits

Participants would avail the following opportunities:

  • Design and facilitate a successful coaching and mentoring programme in their organisation.
  • Appreciate the roles and responsibilities of key players in a coaching/mentoring system.
  • Foster and facilitate an effective culture of coaching and mentoring relationships in an organisation.
  • Develop a personal development plan as an action plan for the self and protégés’ growth and development

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