Employer Branding is becoming increasingly important as organisations create a strong business brand. Organisational brand identity is gravitating towards “employee experiences” that gets “amplified” into what the organisation gets known for. Attracting, developing and retaining employees with the right work value preferences can strengthen the connect between the ‘Employer Brand’ and the ‘Consumer Brand’. Seeking this convergence, not only enhances the employer brand equity but also makes the consumer branding strategy more effective. An organisation that is sensitive to building a brand ‘inside’ first before going outside eventually creates better customer experiences hence leading to high brand equity.

Further, in the current recruiting landscape,  it is more likely that the job seeker decides where to work, rather than organisation placing its bet on whom it wants to select.  Defining and implementing one’s EVP enables an organisation to become the “Employer of Choice”.

Therefore, Employer Branding is not only about selling products and services, it is also a vital way to attract and retain high quality workers. A good branding strategy creates a company image and connects with potential employees on an emotional level. Companies with a solid Employer Branding strategy treat their job applicants just like their customers and actively sell themselves to workers by promoting their most positive points in order to attract workers and stand out among competitors.

Deriving an authentic and credible Employer Value Proposition requires a systematic methodology and deep insights from the disciplines of marketing and the social sciences. It also needs to be nurtured through espousing the roles and responsibilities of multiple stakeholders. Finally, we gauge the effectiveness and measure the impact of the Employer Brand.


The programme seeks to enable participants to develop/ revisit their  Employer Brand based on deriving unique insights into knowing:

  • The reason for being- knowing why you do what you do as an employer,
  • What you need to do to fulfil the reason for being –the cultural pillar,
  • Activating the reason for being- cultural activities
  • Communicating the reason for being

It would focus on the tri-components of EB which include:

  • Employer brand equity
  • Brand loyalty and employee engagement
  • Attraction and retention of talents.

The participants would arrive at a road map for formulating their Employer Value Proposition as an integral part of their Employer Brand and derive a plan to measure its effectiveness and impact.


  • Case Analysis, Role Plays, Simulations, Group Discussions, Reflective Exercises, Action Planning

Programme content

  • What is Employer Branding ? How can a strong Employer Brand help in enhancing business brand equity?
  • Why Employer Branding- Laying the Foundation of the Employer Brand
  • Steps in building a strong Employer Brand
  • Identifying the Employee Value Proposition
  • Talent Attraction and Retention
  • Creating Employee Experience Journey Maps
  • Measuring Employer Brand Equity
  • Developing and executing your Employer Branding Strategy – Action Planning

The programme will be delivered by faculty in the domains of Marketing and HR

Who should attend?

COO, CMO, CHRO, Business Heads, Brand professionals, Corporate communication professionals, Strategy Heads, Entrepreneurs seeking to start or grow their businesses, Family business owners, SME/MSME, etc.

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