As companies shift focus from Services to Products and digital transformation, the role of the Product Manager is becoming crucial to organization’s success. While many managers may be following the product management practices, critical aspects like customer in sighting, strategic aspects of product management, Market Value fit, soft skills particularly leadership skills for being a product leader, critical digital product management processes including the Lean Product Development, may not have been adequately explored.

Designed for managers, this two-day course is delivered by industry experts and multi-disciplinary faculty members and focuses on Product Lifecycle Management, Product Leadership & Innovation. Product Strategy, Financials behind successful product management, Product Monetization, Product marketing and Operational aspects of product management, will be covered. This course exposes students to the challenges and joys of Product Management & Analytics. It invites students to address several cases based on diverse B2B and B2C products and businesses. The course is interactive and built around analogies, so that students can intuitively understand the responsibilities and skills required of a Product Manager – from strategy to execution – to create solutions that work and products that consumers want to use. This course is planned to provide a perspective of the various responsibilities and considerations of the product management role.


  • Understand digital product management from a multi-dimensional and wholistic perspective including product leadership, influence and innovation.
  • Think & feel better equipped to take on higher level Product leadership roles
  • Develop a strategic bent of mind that will better drive business objectives
  • Take greater ownership of product’s vision and goals
  • Have the capacity to build and manage teams towards greater synergy and performance


  • Case Analysis
  • Simulation Exercises
  • Group Discussions & Presentation
  • Lecture sessions
  • Personal Assessment & development plan

Who should attend?

  • Designed for mid to senior level management, working in the area pf product management or project managers contemplating a shift to product management. Apart from these, the course will benefit Product Owners, Business Analysts, Product Marketing Managers, as well.

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