As per a research about working women in India:

  • India ranked 120th among 130 countries in terms of participation of women in workforce.
  • The share of women in service sector is less than 20%.
  • The presence of women in board levels is still seen as a mere regulatory requirement.
  • A McKinsey Global study in 2015 found that India could increase its GDP from 16-60% by 2025 if women are enabled to participate in the economy at par with men.

Barriers to gender diversity and inclusion: As a nation, ‘Unity in Diversity’ has been the core of our cultural fabric. While diversity is something that exists in our society naturally, bringing a diverse set of individuals into an organisation and working towards a common goal requires us to create a climate of inclusion. Merely pushing for diversity is clearly not adequate to reap the benefits of having a diverse work force. What does it take to go beyond the tokenism as necessitated by social or legal demands and to create a culture that celebrates diversity in its truest essence?

This program strives to help professionals working with diverse groups influence practice through respect for gender diversity. The participants will get an opportunity to not only deepen their self-awareness towards the relevant issues but also be part of conversations that can impact their future strategies for

Key takeways

  • Understanding gender as a social construct and its impact on diversity and inclusion at work.
  • Inculcating a culture of inclusivity in day-to-day activities and interactions.
  • Developing a Personal Action Plan to champion a diverse and inclusive organization.


  • Assessments, reflective exercises, role plays, use of videos and group discussions


Unconscious Bias and Social Construction of Gender.
Gender at Work
Is gender diversity and inclusion a competitive advantage?
Practices for Inclusive Organization

Who should attend?

  • Business heads, HR heads, and Diversity heads.

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