Why DBI?

India’s strong economic growth over the past two decades has put India among the league of top 10 economies with the third largest market size and the second largest workforce in the world that no business can afford to ignore. Doing business in India is now essential for companies globally as this burgeoning superpower offers a wide range of business prospects.

Doing Business in India (DBI) is a short-term, customised programme offered by SPJIMR, Mumbai. The programme aims to meet the needs of global communities interested in learning about India and its business landscape to explore opportunities for doing business in India.


The prime objective of the programme, ‘Doing Business in India’ is to provide a connect between India and the rest of the world and the emerging business opportunities that the large growing economy throws open. The programme aims to provide a holistic view of the business environment in India in terms of the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors that influence it.

A typical programme architecture

Session I | Context of Doing Business in India
  • Inauguration
  • Introducing India
  • Operational issues for DBI: Legal, Government, Banking, Taxation
Session II | Markets in India
  • Markets in India
  • Overview of the Indian IT Sector
Session III | Service Industry in India
  • Case Discussion: Service Industry in India
  • Case Discussion: Marketing Services in India
Session IV |The Sectoral Business Opportunities
  • Case Discussion: Two-wheeler industry in India
  • Case Discussion: Lessons from an Indian MNC in Wind Energy
Session IV |Future Trends
  • Business Opportunities in
  • Infrastructure and Finance
    Panel Discussion
Workshops (Indicative)
  • Visit to the High street Phoenix Mills Parel
  • Visit to a BPO
  • Workshop-Case based negotiation with SPJIMR students
  • How to Communicate and Negotiate with Businesses in India
  • Visit to the SEEPZ and Jewellery Making Unit
  • How to use the internet and social media for business in India

The basic module

The DBI programme is structured to address critical issues that international businesses must know in order to be effective when competing and collaborating, directly or indirectly with Indian firms both in and outside India. The programme exposes the participants to the business environment in India. Our faculty team and experts clearly elucidate the ‘Entry Strategies’ as well as the ‘Regulatory & Legal Environment’ of doing business in India, making it easier for the participants to take their first steps. The programme attempts to sensitize the participants to the specific socio-cultural aspects of Indian consumers and businesses through workshops on ‘Consumer Behavior’, ‘Communication & Negotiation’, and ‘Cross Cultural Management’. The Basic Module of ‘Doing Business in India’ attempts to map the business opportunities from three angles:

India as a market

  • The markets are expanding as the large population of 1.2 billion continues to increase and higher economic growth improves their purchasing power. The consumption boom in India is real and would last long as the propensity to consume is high in the young, 70% of India’s population is under the age of 30.

India as a sourcing partner

  • A large pool of young, cheap, skilled, English speaking workforce and the availability of other resources make India a suitable sourcing partner. With the second largest scientific, technical and executive manpower in the world India is emerging as a manufacturing hub for automobiles petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. India is ideally suited for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).

India as an investment destination

  • Huge opportunities for physical investment are opening up as the government and businesses are creating additional capacity in infrastructure, manufacturing and services. India offers higher return on investments that are safe as the financial sector comprising of banking, insurance and money & capital markets is well regulated.

Specific interest module

We customize the programmes to the requirements and specific interests of participating organizations. This module can be designed around a specific theme, for e.g.

  • India Marketing Strategy Programme
  • Manufacturing and outsourcing opportunities in India
  • Opportunities in the Service Sector
  • Opportunities in the IT Sector
  • Social Enterprises

Management study module

The Management study module of ‘Doing Business in India’ offers specific courses on management subjects. For MBA and Executive MBA participants of foreign universities, their programme managers may choose one or more modules that can be developed into full-length courses as per the requirement. Our process of developing the Management Study Module can be divided into four stages:

  • Concept: Clear definition of the concept with frameworks that provide relationships with other variables.
  • Case Studies: The industry experience to bring real life into the classroom
  • Exercises: Hands-on exercises help conceptual clarity and give insights into the solution to the problem
  • Evaluation: We evaluate and grade the performance of the participants.

Indicative offerings

General Management

Project Management | Creative thinking | Change Management | Corporate Governance | Ethics in Business


Strategic Marketing | Strategic Brand Management | Marketing Research | B2B Marketing | Retail Marketing | E-Marketing | Sales & Distribution and Channel Management | Costing

Budgeting and Cost Control

Financial Measures and Management Control Systems | Relevant Costs for Decision Making | Operations

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Managing Quality & Performance Excellence Six Sigma, JIT, and TOC Philosophy | Product Design and Innovation | Enterprise Resource Planning | Services Operation Management | Decision Making

Business Intelligence Overview

Business Forecasting | Data Mining and Other Activities in India


The programme ‘Doing Business in India’ is customized for groups. There is no open admission or individual fee. The groups in following categories may request for more information on the programme:

  • Students from MBA and executive management programmes of foreign universities
  • Business executives through trade bodies or industry association
  • Corporate executives

Interested institutions and organizations may please contact us for more information on the programme and may request a customized proposal.

Programme structure


The programme is aimed at Corporate Executives, Owners and managers of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who are interested in business in India. The programme also caters to students from MBA and Executive Management programmes of foreign universities for their study abroad programme. Case-based discussions, entrepreneurs sharing their experiences, workshops and panel discussions make the classroom sessions engaging. Industry visits to leading corporations in Mumbai, markets and social enterprises are arranged for a more hands-on experience of the Indian business climate.


The programme is customized to the needs of the participating group. It could range from 3 days to 3-4 weeks.


The Basic Module of ‘Doing Business in India’ attempts to map the business opportunities in India. The Management study module of ‘Doing Business in India’ offers specific customized courses on Management subjects.

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