Course of Independent Study (CIS)

Alumni Enriched Learning in CIS Programme at SPJIMRCourse of Independent Study (CIS) is a unique and unconventional method of industry engagement along with academia. It represents an opportunity for the participant to explore a topic in depth in his area of special interest by working as a consultant on a project or an assignment with the industry. It makes possible the integration of several fields of study in searching for the solution for a real time industry problem/project. For an empirical work, it provides valuable experience in the research process in the definition of a problem, in the search for relevant data, in the analysis of the data and in deriving the conclusions and implications of the data for the problem under study.CIS provides participants with a unique opportunity to augment the domain based knowledge that consolidates on the participant’s work experience along with the learning from the programme.

Participants work closely with the industry in solving real-time problems, thereby getting a new perspective on business practices.


Complex implementation issues can be dealt with in innovative ways as programme participants bring in fresh thinking and the latest concepts. Enables evaluation of the candidate over a longer period of time compared to the limited duration of interviews during the placement period, thus reducing the probability of non suitability or placement issues.


Enhances the functional learning of participants and enables them to understand the roles and functions within the organisation. Participants establish a connection with the employer and they benefit from a hands-on opportunity to apply their managerial learning.

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