Vinutaa Sriraman (PGDM, Class of 2010) is one of India’s Top Women in Finance 2023

March 27, 2023

SPJIMR alumnus Vinutaa Sriraman, has been recognised by Equalifi as one of India’s Top Women in Finance 2023. Vinutaa is the Vice President and Sector Head, ICRA Limited and a member of the ICRA Rating committee. She graduated from SPJIMR with a PGDM in Financial Management. Vinutaa offers our participants some insightful advice and learnings from her professional journey and achievements.

It does take a very long time, and gaining knowledge and wisdom in knowing what is right comes only from experience. Perseverance and consistency are key to achieving any goal. Also, while the outcome is important, the process is more important. The outcome will follow eventually once the processes are done diligently. Taking feedback constructively, working on the issues and playing on my strengths, and being a student forever are some things which have made me who I am today. I am passionate about what I do and do quite a few things for the joy of it, and that, in turn, helps me go the extra mile.

While it is easier said than done, I would suggest doing a self-introspection and being aware of one’s self. Knowing what you like doing, what you do not like doing, and what your strengths and weaknesses are, is a fair bit of progress. Once this is known, work in areas that you are passionate about, and do something that makes you look forward to coming to work every day. As my ex-Boss used to say, you get your salary once a month, but you need to do things every day.

Likewise, move beyond your comfort zone, aspire higher and dream big. You will face many hurdles and have sleepless nights when you are at it, but the opportunity and learning that challenging tasks give you are immense, and this is what will make you intellectually and experientially richer.

At some point, try giving back to society. We all come from privileged set-ups, and it is our responsibility to take others up as we grow, whether small or big. Try to help people and build relationships without any agenda in mind.

Be humble, genuine, humane and ethical. While these do not have to be told, this will help you have a peaceful night’s sleep and these traits are more valuable and more important than anything else, in my view.

Lastly, do not compare. Each person has their journey and their struggles. All you need to see is if you are better than what you were yesterday in things that matter.

Most of these are my learnings from SPJIMR. PG Lab is the starting point for the self-awareness journey. DoCC is humbling, and we should continue the developmental work we do during our rural internship throughout our lives. Apart from helping underserved communities, it teaches so many wonderful management lessons. We come as certain individuals into the institution and get shaped for the better – as human beings, as team players, and as potential leaders when we graduate. Extension of what we do at SPJIMR through the next several years will take us a long way. Being part of this wonderful institution and building some genuine friends/well-wishers for life has truly been a blessing.

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