SPJIMR’s Abhyudaya initiates ‘Livelihood Programme’ for Sitara families

May 14, 2017

SPJIMR’s Abhyudaya launched an initiative to help the families of our Sitaras find ways to augment their incomes. By increasing the family’s economic well-being, we can ensure better quality of life for our Sitaras. It also ensures that our Sitaras don’t get trapped into discontinuing their education due to strained financial circumstances.

As part of the Livelihood Programme, we collected information on the skills / capabilities of the families, as well as the sort of employment they were looking for. We will collate the information, and then match this with training and employment opportunities available in the market. There are several NGOs which are already working in the up-skilling and employment arena, with whom we can connect these work-seekers. There are also many placement agencies and portals, where opportunities are available, but these families don’t have access to that information. We hope to connect the dots.

Since many of the parents cannot read or write, our senior Sitaras helped them to fill out the forms. We were proud of how well our Sitaras conducted this exercise.

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