SPJIMR alumnus Meghal Sheth listed among India’s “Top 20 CFOs”

February 17, 2023

SPJIMR alumnus Meghal Sheth (PGDM, Class of 2001) has been recognised as one of the “’Top 20 CFOs in India” by StartupLanes. StartupLanes is an ecosystem for startups and investors that offers various services. Meghal, who completed his MBA in Finance from SPJIMR, is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Mars Wrigley India.

Read his perspectives on being recognised as one of the “’Top 20 CFOs” in India and share valuable advice to the current participants at SPJIMR.

“It is an honour and privilege to be part of the Top 20 CFOs in India. When I heard this, it was like music to my ears and I was excited to share this news with my family, friends and office colleagues.

I have now spent more than 20+ years in my professional journey after completing my education, and looking back, I feel humbled and lucky to have shaped this journey full of varied experiences- many pleasant, many challenging, many memorable and many experiences which have been real ‘aha’ moments that have shaped up my character or who I am as a person.

I have been lucky to be raised by a strong, resilient mother who has been a pillar of strength for my family and who ingrained strong values in my life, followed by many elders and seniors who helped me with their guidance, direction and support as needed at various point of time as I achieved success or faced challenges.

Post Chartered Accountancy course, getting into S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research was one of those real ‘aha’ moments of life which shaped me for the better. Spending two years on the campus, staying 3 in a room, building life-long friendships, going for autumn projects and not summers, the DoCC rural internship and Geeta Shibir at Vadodara are all experiences which shaped me as a person. I believe SPJIMR stood out from other top institutes when it came to focusing on the humane side of management practices which it did so well through DoCC, Geeta Shibir etc., and I do believe that’s helped a lot in shaping my character to who I am today.

Post SPJIMR, working with two great institutions- first for 15 years with HUL /Unilever, where I learnt the basics and fundamentals of shaping up as a good leader through 6-7 different roles I did across local, regional & global levels. Second is the last eight years with Mars, where I learnt so much about dealing with people through local, and regional experiences. All this has helped me become a strong professional leader striving for better results through people.”

Meghal’s advice to SPJIMR participants is :

Follow your passion and do what you enjoy: In the long run, you cannot spend time doing something that you don’t enjoy and expect to be successful. Hence seek your purpose, what drives you to get up and get going every day.

Do the right thing and the outcome will follow: If you believe in something, go for it and don’t worry about how others will think or whether you will be successful or not. The right outcome has to follow for doing the right thing- sooner or later, so go for it.

You define the job description, let not your boss decide: It’s up to you to decide the job that you want it to be. Make it exciting and thrilling by redefining the boundaries.

Be ambitious but be equally humble: Ambitious lets you think big, dream big and do big. Humility keeps you grounded. Ambition with humility is a potent combination for success.

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