Research Recognition: SPJIMR faculty case study listed in Ivey Classics

December 8, 2023

Ivey Publishing, a prominent educational content provider, has selected six cases for the distinguished recognition of Ivey Classics in the academic year 2022-23. A case authored by Prof. Vinay Goyal, Professor & Department Chair, Finance & Economics and Director, Academic Operations at SPJIMR: “Anandam Manufacturing Company: Analysis of Financial Statements,” has been included among the prestigious Ivey Classics. The case has been co-authored by Prof. S.K. Mitra.

The announcement mentioned the case’s suitability for implementation in the early stages of MBA or undergraduate core courses in accounting, where students are tasked with studying the financial analysis of an organisation. Moreover, the case holds relevance in bank management courses, specifically in instructing students on the approval and rejection of loans. The authors of the case have conveyed, “The case is suitable for use in the early stage of an MBA or undergraduate core course in accounting where students are required to study the financial analysis of an organization. It is also relevant in bank management courses where the approval/rejection of loans is taught.” This recognition further solidifies the educational merit and applicability of Prof. Vinay Goyal’s work in financial education.

The entire SPJIMR community extends its congratulations to Prof. Vinay Goyal for this notable accomplishment. The recognition from Ivey holds great significance as it acknowledges the intellectual contributions of our faculty, serving as an inspiration for the broader academic community. It also reinforces SPJIMR’s commitment to impact management study and practice with its world-class research.

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