Prof. Chandrika Parmar speaks on Ethics and Responsible Leadership at ICCMRO’23

October 12, 2023

Prof. Chandrika Parmar, Director of DoCC SPJIMR and PRME India Chapter Chair participated in the plenary session on “Ethics and Responsible Leadership” at the International Conference on Creating and Managing Responsible Organizations (ICCMRO’23). The panel featured eminent personalities, including Anil K Khandelwal, former Chairman and Managing Director of Bank of Baroda; Benito “Ben” Teehankee, Professor at De La Salle University; Vivek Suneja, Dean of the Faculty of Management Studies at the University of Delhi; Shanu Saksena, the Chief Compliance Officer for Asia Pacific at Haleon; Abhishek R., Global head of Sustainability, ESG, and managing trustee at Brillio Foundation; and Bhaskarjit Neog from JNU.

Hosted by the Centre for Ethics, Responsible Organizations, and ESG Initiatives of Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, in collaboration with TERI School of Advanced Studies and Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) India Chapter, the ICCMRO’23 brought together these visionaries to deliberate on critical themes surrounding responsible organisational practices. The insightful discussions delved into diverse themes that resonate with the evolving landscape of responsible business practices to offer novel insights and strategies for cultivating responsible and ethical business practices. The conference sparked engaging conversations about the emerging economy’s perspective on fostering ethical and responsible leadership, emphasising the need for sustainable innovation, and principled business practices in today’s dynamic world.

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