How SPJIMR’s impact aligns with the AMBA & BGA Continuous Impact Model

March 13, 2023

Prof. Anupama Gupta, Chairperson of Management & Society department at SPJIMR, was among the experts invited to speak at the AMBA & BGA India Roadshow on March 13, 2023.

The objective of the workshop was to bring together leaders from business schools to discuss how business schools in India can create programmes to satisfy the needs of Indian businesses and focus on management education that emphasises the positive impact on stakeholders and is aligned to responsible management practices.

Prof. Anupama Gupta provided insights into a business school’s approach to creating impact and life-long learning. She spoke about how SPJIMR’s impact aligns with the six dimensions of the AMBA & BGA Continuous Impact Model. The Continuous Impact Model (CIM) was created to assist institutions in understanding their impact across a wide range of areas, measure the changes of impact variables over time, and develop evidential feedback loops to improve the quality of the institution’s activities in a cycle of continuous improvement.

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