SPJIMR’s 4th Dr. M.L.Srikanth Memorial Lecture

The 4th M.L. Srikanth memorial lecture took place on January 23rd in front of a packed audience of students and faculty at the new auditorium, now fittingly named as the M.L. Srikanth auditorium in an opening ceremony just prior to the commencement of the event. The lecture was given by Arun Maira, former member of Planning Commission of India & former chairman of Boston Consulting Group who quoted Gandhi, Lewis Carroll, Lincoln & Greta Thurnberg to present compelling and thought-provoking narrative on the failing standards of global corporate governance and asked management students to decide what kind of life they want to pursue – “one of learning or earning?”

The talk was followed by an engrossing fireside chat between Mr. Maira and SPJIMR dean, Dr. Ranjan Banerjee as they delved further into how companies can attain success while following corporate ethics and why it is important for the next generation of business managers to focus on larger social causes through their work.

The annual Dr. M L Shrikant Memorial Lecture on January 23 honors the former Dean on his birth anniversary. The late Dr. M L Shrikant built, nurtured and led SPJIMR for 28 years, seeing it rise under his watch from an insignificant and little known place, literally and figuratively, into a giant of an institution that sits among the top 10 schools of management in India. As Hon. Dean, Dr. Shrikant worked without a salary and tirelessly crafted new courses and programmes, created innovative pedagogies and focused relentlessly on values and contribution, driving a revolution in the field of management education and setting SPJIMR on an unprecedented growth trajectory.

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