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Faculty Name with co authors Topic / Title Publishers / Presentation Details Published Date Weblink
Prof. Saswat Patra and Prof.Malay Bhattacharyya How Risky Are the Options? A Comparison with the Underlying Stock Using MaxVaR as a Risk Measure Risks July 14, 2020 Link
Dr. Rashmi Dyondi, Dr. Shishir Kumar Jha, and Dr. Arunima Haldar What constitutes risk for a theatrical film distributor? Evidence from the Hindi film industry International Journal of Organizational Analysis July 13, 2020 Link
Prof. Bino Paul, Prof. Tulsi Jayakumar and Mr. T Muralidharan Estimating Employment Elasticity of Growth in a High-growth Indian State: The Case of Maharashtra South Asian Journal Of Management May 29, 2020
Jay Parekh, Azain Jaffer, Urvi Bhanushali & Dr. Shekhar Shukla Disintermediation in medical tourism through blockchain technology: an analysis using value-focused thinking approach Journal of Information Technology & Tourism May 25, 2020 Link


Faculty Name with co authors Topic / Title Publishers / Presentation Details Published Date Weblink
Dr. Rakhi Thakur Metro Cash & Carry: Profitability in the Indian Market Ivey July 15, 2020 Link
Dr. Sheila Roy and Dr. Renuka Kamath Born on the internet, how should Suta grow? Emerald – Emerging Market Case Studies January 04, 2020 Link
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar and Dr. Sushmita Srivastava Walmart's Flipkart Acquisition: A Showstopper Deal? Ivey October 03, 2019 Link
Prof. S. Vasudev Rao, Prof. Amol S. Dhaigude and Prof. Debmallya ChatterjeeS. Vasudev Rao, Amol S. Dhaigude and Debmallya Chatterjee Spectrum Industries: International Market Entry Journal of International Business Education August 12, 2019 Link


Faculty Name with co authors Topic / Title Publishers / Presentation Details Published Date Weblink
Dr. R K Pattnaik Monetary policy: Very little room to manoeuvre. The Free Press Journal August 07, 2020 Link
Dr. Rajiv Agarwal Tough road ahead for Intel? Forbes India August 05, 2020 Link
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar India’s inflation outlook isn’t as benign as it may seem Mint August 05, 2020 Link
Prof. Ananth Narayan The omissions and commissions of India’s MPC framework CNBC TV 18 August 04, 2020 Link


Faculty Name with co authors Book Title Publishers Details Published Date Weblink
Dr. Surya Tahora Vivre la Vision de l'Un: explorer la réalité et grandir Discover Vedanta Publications July 26, 2020 Link
Dr. Sumita Datta and Dr. Snehal Shah Satisficing career choices of Indian women managers Career Dynamics in a Global World: Indian and Western Perspectives May 29, 2020
Book Chapter by Rashmi G Shukla, Anuja Agarwal and Dr. Shekhar Shukla Chapter 10 - Blockchain-Powered Smart Healthcare System Handook of Research on Blockchain Technology (1st Edition) February 28, 2020
Mr. R Gopalakrishnan & Prof. Pallavi Mody How Anil Naik Built L&T's Remarkable Growth Trajectory Rupa Publications India February 03, 2020 Link


Seminar Date Seminar Topic Name of Presenter
June 17, 2020 A heuristic based approach to forecasting COVID-19 cases amidst the countrywide lockdown in India Dr. Ashutosh Jha
June 11, 2020 Technical and Structural Capabilities Yield Organizational Agility! Dr. Anil Vaidya and Dr. Jyoti Jagasia
May 18, 2020 The introduction of Measurement Uncertainty in the IASB's revised Conceptual Framework: Whither 'Reliable Measurement'? Dr. Srivatsan Lakshminarayan-Professor of Accounting and Finance
March 02, 2020 Perspectives from a longitudinal study on maturity of lean management (LM) in Indian manufacturing industry Prof. R. Jayaraman-Professor - Operations


Faculty Name with co authors Research Paper Topic / Title Publishers / Presentation Details Published Date
Dr. Debmallya Chatterjee, Bishwarup Ghosh, Gautam Panigrahi, Measuirng Performance Quality of Indian School Using PROMETHEE: A Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach International Conclave GIT 2020, IIM Kozhokode January 16, 2020
Prof. R. Jayaraman New Age Operations Strategy International Conference on Operations Research and Decision Science, IIM Visakhapatnam December 28, 2020
Prof. Gurudutt Nayak, Prof. Amol Dhaigude and Prof. Debmallya Chatterjee Lean Matters: An exploratory study of Indian SMEs 13th Annual ISDSI Conference, IIM Sambalpur December 28, 2019
Dr Sunny Arora Selling Price Parity in an Environment of Price Ceiling NASMEI conference at Great Lakes Institute of Management,Chennai December 19, 2019

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