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Faculty Name with co authors Topic / Title Publishers / Presentation Details Published Date Weblink
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar Can Indian firms benefit from anti-China sentiment? The New Indian Express October 29, 2020 Link
Prof. Vineeta Dwivedi Hathras To Hyderabad - Why Such Brutality In The Violence? BW BusinessWorld October 24, 2020 Link
Dr. Ranjan Banerjee and Mr. R. Gopalakrishnan Home and the world: Indians as global leaders Fortune India November 01, 2020 Link
Dr. Saamdu Chetri & Prof. Jagdish Rattanani How to live and thrive in the lockdown Navhind Times October 20, 2020 Link
Dr. R K Pattnaik Why productivity is almost everything? The Hindu Business Line October 18, 2020 Link
Dr. Rajiv Agarwal Board Seats for Women Successors: It is a matter of mindsets, not rights ET (HR World ) October 20, 2020 Link
Dr. Dinyar Patel JBS Haldane’s life, via Samanth Subramanian’s biography, shows why scientists must be political too Scroll.in October 11, 2020 Link
Prof. Jagdish Rattanani The role of humanity in healthcare Deccan Herald October 10, 2020
Dr. R K Pattnaik Should RBI be the debt manager of govt? The Hindu Business Line October 11, 2020 Link
Mr. R Gopalakrishna and Dr. Sushmita Srivastava Shaping Institutions:The Art of critical thinking The New Indian Express October 08, 2020 Link
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