Call for Papers

Theme Name of Journal/ Special Issue Submission Deadline Weblink
Special Issue on "Strategies for sustainable and circular ecosystems" Long Range Planning October 01, 2023
How Do Entrepreneurs Influence Their Social Environment? New Psychological Perspectives Applied Psychology October 31, 2022
The Many Shades of Green”: Asset Management and Sustainability Goals in Emerging Markets Review of Accounting and Finance February 15, 2023
A Special Issue on Equality , Diversity and Inclusion in International Business Journal of World Business September 05, 2022
Training and Development in Highly Dynamic VUCA Contexts: Disruption and Future Trends in Training and Development Personnel Review September 30, 2022
Caring for our workers: Advancing human resource management innovations and interventions to support workforce mental health Personnel Review November 30, 2022
Reimagining Business and Management as a Force for Good British Journal of Management October 15, 2022
The Rise of the Well-Being, Happiness, and Fulfillment Driven Organization Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion-Special Issue 2 October 10, 2022
The International Journal of Human Resource Management The International Journal of Human Resource Management May 15, 2022
Exploring the ethics of production, marketing, and consumption in fashion Journal of Business Ethics October 31, 2022
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