Books Published

Faculty Name with co authors Book Title Publishers Details Published Date Weblink
Dr. Surya Tahora and Dr. Snehal Shah Vedanta Philosophy’s Contribution to Wisdom Development for Leadership: Grounding Indian Practical Wisdom in Higher Knowledge and Purpose Applying Wisdom to Contemporary World Problems-Palgrave Macmillan July 11, 2019
Dr. Rajiv Agarwal Succeed to Inspire like the Tatas Rupa Publications India August 14, 2019 Link
Dr. Rajiv Agarwal Management Lessons From The Masters: Lead With Purpose Like Anand Mahindra Amazon May 24, 2019 Link
Dr. Rajiv Agarwal Think, Lead and Strategize Like Kumar Mangalam Birla available on Amazon May 14, 2019 Link
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar & Prof. R Gopalakrishnan Created by business, for business The Bombay Plan: Blueprint for Economic Resurgence November 20, 2018 Link
Prof. Debraj Ghosal International Business Hero MotoCorp Pearson publishers September 01, 2018
Prof. Abbasali S. Gabula Keep Walking! Keep Listening! Keep Serving! Amazon January 11, 2018 Link
R Gopalakrishnan and Dr. Ranjan Banerjee "The Made In India Manager; Understanding The Success Of the Indian Manager Abroad" Amazon October 22, 2018 Link
Prof. K G Karmakar, Dr.Nirja Mattoo, and Dr M.Suresh Rao Livelihoods for Women: Multi-Agency Models in India Bloomsbury Prime June 25, 2018 Link

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