SPJIMR hosted a learning meet for non-profits

November 29, 2017

On Wednesday November 29, SPJIMR’s Centre for Education in the Social Sector (CEdSS) hosted a meeting whose agenda was titled ‘Turn Your NGOs into a Volunteer Magnet’ for the non-profit organisations, which provided insights on how to reduce employee and volunteering costs.

Prof. Rukaiya Joshi, Chairperson – CedSS, spoke on how NGOs can manage their resources, especially volunteers, effectively to get the maximum efficacy. With a detailed PowerPoint presentation, she demonstrated how effective volunteer management can be a great asset to non-profit organisations.

Dean Dr. Ranjan Banerjee spoke on leadership and teaching. He said, “If you expect your people to demonstrate anything, you first need to demonstrate it yourself.”

This was followed by an interactive Q&A session in which there was an exchange of thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

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