GMP Batch 2017 Farewell

December 20, 2017

SPJIMR’s Global Management Programme (GMP) today bid adieu to the Class of 2017 as participants were all set to fly out to France, Germany, and the Netherlands to complete their MBAs and take up internships in those countries.

Smiling faces, teary eyes, and heart-felt hugs marked an evening where faculty and students met for one last time in the classroom and relived their journey so far.

The GMP is the only SPJIMR programme that runs across two nations with participants doing one part of the programme at the SPJIMR campus and another part in one of the following four universities: Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Netherlands; IÉSEG School of Management, France; EBS Business School, Germany; Brandeis International Business School, Massachusetts, United States.

Almost all faculty members spoke of the spirit of the batch, their wide smiles and an attitude to learning that has made the Class of 2017 stand apart.

Participants spoke of the bonds between faculty and students and how the nurturing environment of SPJIMR had helped them bond and support each other as the six months of GMP flew by.

The celebrations then moved out to the lawns of the campus where participants cut a huge cake and mingled over dinner.

Dr. Ranjan Banerjee spoke highly of the batch and asked them to continue to build bonds, help each other and do so in the spirit of giving. He said the best way to network was to offer support and time to those who need it and these contributions are investments in what can become very powerful bonds over the long haul.

There were special words of praise for the GMP team led by Dr. Debasis Mallik and the programme team that has helped participants negotiate the range of issues as they prepare to fly out.

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