Deepak Dhar PGPM 2010-11 Alumnus Co-Founder Nestaway Technologies organised by the e-Cohort

November 7, 2017

Alumni and students across programmes attended the talk on “Entrepreneurial Mindset'” by Deepak Dhar PGPM-IM 2010-11 alumnus and CoFounder Nestaway Technologies, Bengaluru. Saswata Biswas and Himanshu Powdwal of GMP organised the event. The last one with Prateek Panda was organised by PGDM students, the next one in December will be organised by a volunteer from PGMPW.

Prof Shirish Kotmire, Head of SPJIMR Start-Up Incubation Centre, said, “”Deepak symbolises the pure SPJIMR spirit… very unassuming but impactful when it comes to chasing his passion of becoming a successful entrepreneur three times over… his narrative beginning from campus into a smelly basement office at Citrus Payments in Vile Parle to leading Nestaway Technologies fundraising from Tiger Global and the disruptive landscape, insights about how best to build an entrepreneurial mindset on campus were very helpful.”

Mr Dhar covered following points in a nutshell:

1. If you have a great idea/solution don’t worry about duplication by others – once it takes shape, share it with as many potential customers, investors, etc including classmates who give the most critical feedback.

2. Field validation of idea/solution amongst a small customer base is very critical – important to absorb key insights obtained and incorporate into the plans.

3.   Choose an area which has USD 500m-1b potential, research your idea well… While in campus be curious and read up as much as you can about your area of interest and utilise courses like Design Thinking which are important & useful tools.

4. It is all about the circle of Hard Work, Passion and Success which keeps the ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’ going whether it’s in a startup or in a corporate career.

5. Investors are having funds but there is a serious dearth of good ideas and investing opportunities.

SPJIMR thanks Mr Dhar for acceding to the students’ request and offering to come every month if students need advice and mentoring for their ideas to take shape. Look forward to seeing Mr Dhar at LST on 13 Jan 2018.

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