A Class with a Difference

June 20, 2017

The Mid-Day newspaper captured a story on “A class with a difference” that saw Mr. Sunder Pujari, who runs a tiny paan shop near the campus, come in to speak to second year PGDM participants.

The session was organised by Dr. Renuka Kamath as part of the sales & distribution course for the marketing specialisation and the distribution management course for the operations specialisation.

What began as a hesitant conversation quickly settled into an exchange of ideas as a humble shopkeeper brought home lessons that were as simple as they were profound.

Dr. Kamath was later interviewed by Red 106.4 FM on the the class and what the participants learned from a paanwala, who is actually an entrepreneur with a rather good grasp of brands, SKUs and consumer preferences. Dr. Kamath’s radio interview is at: http://bit.ly/2tR6EwR.

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