Sep 21, 2016

Macro Rap

Tulsi Jayakumar

A Rap song presented by me as part of Teachers’ Day celebrations along with SPJIMR students:

It’s the macrorap, the monsta’rap,

Give you as it is….. cutting all the crap! (Chorus),

Yo people hear it from the horse’s mouth,

Why prices go north and never go south!

What I take you through today is inflation,

It leaves you numb and cold without sensation,

When prices rise, hard and continuous,

Leaving rich and poor, dead like fungus.

Policymakers listless, Parliament in ruckus,

I told you man they don’t know what stung us.

Do they know what they say, do they know what they mean

For the common man, life’s lost its sheen.

They call it NOT CORE, but ‘headline’,

Your guess, I dare say, is as good as mine.

They call it hyper, call it galloping

Sans a knight in shining armour riding.

Can be demand-pull or cost push,

Discussing it gives you an adrenaline rush.

The theme of all season, the original Dabbangg

Has to be factored in, be it SBAC, or Umang.

Yo guys! you getting it RIGHT?

We’ve more for you, just sit back tight.

Can be positive, can be negative,

Once you are on it, can be addictive. J (Shouldn’t we know!!!!)

Like cocaine, grass and sugar brown,

Like an obese’s weight, it never comes down.

From the common man with his onion,

To Sallu Bhai with his Banian….

With a prayer on their lips and eyes teary

Try and balance budgets, bones a- weary.

Pray why does it happen, tell me all

It’s the macro-rap that tells it small.

Yo PGP1, the inflation ATM

Is nothing else but the QTM [ That’s the Quantity Theory of Money, PGP 1]

(Yo, Change the Beat Boys)

Let MV equal to be P cross y With V and y constant, say let us try

To understand this monsta’ inflation

When M rises, so does P in proportion.

Summed it old man, Milton Friedman

Succintly in a manner, I don’t think I can (PAUSE)

Pays for you to remember, this all-important canon


Going back to it, come on once again

Its a matter of three, said Lord J. M. Keynes

Increase C, I, G and that’s expenditure

Why you’re back again to the same stricture [Keynesian theory of inflation]

It matters not, leads to an inflationary gap

Giving matter rich, for this monsta’ rap.

Is it the ‘F’ word? IT’S THE FIT.

Go figure that out, you ALL weak and mighty!

Don’t tell me now, you don’t understand

Why Venezuela, Surinam, Kazhakstan

Have experiences, wouldn’t want to emulate

Never mind the price of the food on your plate!

It’s the inflation dude, all jargon shorn

Rising, Rising, but, never ever gone!

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