Oct 17, 2016

A Chapter of my Life

Sarabjeet D. Natesan

A lot of searching and thinking has finally resulted in these few words (actually a lot more than a few). About ten months, ago I left the comfort of my home, my peaceful and familiar life, and above all my family, to try out a new position here at SPJIMR. A new city, new place, new surroundings, new faces new challenges. Transactional Mumbai! I was overwhelmed. My experience, my age, my maturity (or lack of it), nothing prepared me for this move and the recurring question that not only others but also I asked myself was, ‘Why’? And most of the times I did not have any answer. But I had agreed to a new responsibility, there was a job to be done. And I had to steel myself to adjust to a new place.

I travelled home as often as I could; I still do. That helped. A lot. My husband and kids visited me often, it helped even more. Then I made some friends, some kind fellow guides and some generous learners who reached out and included me in their circle of friendship. They were not judgmental of me or embarrassed by me, of being seen with me. I met other travellers doing similar things; their journeys similar, their stories different. I spent my spare non-travelling time with them; taking care of and in return being taken care of. Even at this age, I grew up. Understood the randomness of reason and the clear patterns behind the dreams of life. Developed a deeper appreciation for my family; for my husband, who has not only encouraged me to try new things but also stood by me (always); for my daughters who miss me, need me and cry for me yet never ask me to give up. I also learnt to count my blessings when my eldest child took up a job in Mumbai just to be close to me. I realise that there is a lot to be grateful for and a lot more to be thankful for.

Very early in life, I developed an intrinsic respect for music. My parents, trying to erase the traumas of a cleaved land, filled our house with music. Once again, music has helped me find peace and calmed me, just as it did for an earlier generation. That I never took it to some kind of systematic learning has always been a disappointment of my life. But life compensates.

The biggest blessing of being at SPJIMR has been the extraordinarily musically and artistically talented young people I have met here. They carry this divine gift so nonchalantly. Their genius is extraordinary. Their goodness is touching and humbling. Their spirit impresses and their brilliance outclasses. Their grace is infectious and their energy palpable. They just want to be happy, have fun and enjoy life in the midst of all other things that they do to live it. For the three cultural events that were orchestrated, they were enthusiastic participants to celebrate our 70th Independence Day, respectful at the Teacher’s Day homage and free-spirited and unrestrained for their Cultural Day outing.

My team, my band of students, my ADMAP companions; sometimes happy, many a times unhappy, yet never complaining, have been with me for the past three months. Gave me much-needed company and some attitude too, but made this discovery very enjoyable. My deepest gratitude to all of them. And I, at this point in time, I could not be happier and more proud even if I wanted.

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