Supply Chain Management With Analytics

Programme Overview

In the present time, with pricing pressure, increase in customer expectations and the challenge to remain competitive, companies need to have analytics driven Supply Chain Strategy. Companies need to have proper stewardship of their supply chains that is financially sustainable, as well as environmentally responsible.

Supply chain data can be analysed for inventory management, demand forecasting, requirement planning and scheduling. Supply Chain Analytics promises several benefits like improved decision-making, customer engagement, adaptability, and cost reduction as a result of better inventory visibility and accurate demand forecasts. Clarity of objective, identifying and collecting relevant data and using the data for optimum decision making using mathematical models, can enhance performance of the supply chain substantially.

Programme Objectives

  • Enable participants to acquire knowledge and skills in data driven decision making for enhancing supply chain management performance and thus positively impact the financial performance of the company.

Programme Benefits

Armed with the tools and techniques of SCM, that will be offered in the programme, the participants will be able to identify and diagnose problems and risk factors in their supply chain and work out solutions. They will be able to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain practices of their respective organisations, leading to a boost in customer services and bottom line.

Programme Pedagogy

This programme is designed to enable participants for hands-on training in developing spreadsheet based optimisation models using Solver.

Classroom discussions, demonstration of systematic ways of problem identification, mathematical modeling and developing solutions with practical application exercises.

Who Should Attend

This course is for engineers, data analysts, marketing, sales and supply chain professionals who are engaged or interested in this area of logistics and supply chain.

Dr. Sesha Iyer

Ph.D., M.Tech (Production), BE(Mech), FICWA. 

Has been a faculty at SPJIMR teaching PGDM, PGDM (Executive) & PG-EMP and has conducted Management Development Programmes for many companies.

Programme Content

  • SCM performance drivers and metrics.
  • Demand forecasting models.
  • Inventory replenishment and product availability models.
  • Network design and flow optimisation models.
  • Inventory management in MRP and JIT systems.

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 Rs. 25,000 + Taxes


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