Executive Certificate Programme in Digital Transformation

1.Programme Overview:

The confluence of five major technological forces—cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, the internet of things & 3 dimensional technologies of Augmented Reality (AR) & additive Manufacturing—is causing a mass extinction event in industry after industry, leaving in its wake a growing number of organizations that have either ceased to exist or have become irrelevant. At the same time, new species of organizations are rapidly emerging, with a different kind of DNA born of this new digital age. Thus far we have seen the most prominent effects of this tsunami-like wave of digital transformation in industries like retail, advertising, media, and music at the hands of digital-age companies such as Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Spotify.

History teaches that those who take the lead in technological revolution—which today’s digital transformation most certainly is—reap the greatest rewards. The imperative to act, and to act swiftly, is clear and present.

  • Learn digital transformation from two experienced industry expert who are faculty members, at SPJIMR
  • Immersive learning through virtual classroom discussions, assignments, and video reviews
  • Have access to the latest research and relevant case studies
  • Learn real world skills you can immediately apply to push the innovation agenda in your organization and gain an advantage over your competitors


2.Programme Content:

1. What technologies are driving Business Disruptions & Digital Transformations?

2. What are Digital Native Organizations and Platform Business Models driving transformations?

3. Digital Transformation opportunities in customer experience management, employee experience management, Partner / supplier experience management

4. Digital Transformation opportunities in Operations, specially with respect to

  • 4.1 Manufacturing, pharmaceutical, consumer goods industries
  • 4.2 Banks /Financial Services

5. Digital Transformation opportunities in R&D, new product development and tapping new sources of Innovations

6. Enterprise IT backbone, digital platform for Transformation, management of two Speed IT

7. Digital Transformation Roadmap development, Organization change management, Challenges & Risks in Digital Transformation


3.Learning Outcomes:

At end of course participants should be able to:

Understand & Explain

  • What are various business disruptions in Industry verticals?
  • What Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are driving Digital disruptions?
  • Understanding Digital Transformation opportunities in your organizations
    • Customer experience, employee experience, partner/supplier experience management
    • oImprovement in cost of acquisitions,
    • Improvement in cost of operations


  • A roadmap for digital Transformation in your organizational context


  • Risks and challenges in Digital Transformation, Changes needed in Organizations in their Structure, processes, people & technology


4.Who should attend:

Any person involved in New Digital Initiatives or management, including:

Strategic business Unit Heads,

Vice Presidents,

Group Heads,

Sr. Managers,



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