Reel to Real finally!

Published on : January 02 , 2021

As we are just about to draw curtains over 2020, I would like to say it out loud yes it was a difficult year. For me it was even more challenging. Having being put under house arrest owing to a nasty ACL injury and surgery rehab; I was under lockdown in the first quarter of 2020. Then the forced lockdown began due to some stupid person eating bat soup. Yes, mind you; bats have become a weapon of mass destruction.

In the meantime, as I was trying to get up and rise above the injury, I was desperately waiting to convert SPJIMR. It was the only interview I had attended this year. Being on the waitlist meant increased anxiety and agony. Finally, I made it!!! But that happiness was short lived as we had to adjust to online virtual education as the new intermittent normal. For an extrovert sportsperson this was very difficult.

I had never tasted hostel life and had been a day scholar my whole life. SPJIMR was my chance to enjoy those late night katta talks, planning surprise birthday parties, sneaking out of the night curfew and spending the night at Marine Drive. I just wish I was on campus the night before FAA quizzes and end terms, the exams would have been so much easier had I attended face to face addas by some Fin Gods. But it is what it is.

I have made some really great friends these past four months. Virtual friends that are soon going to be friends in real life. To be honest these past virtual six months has become equivalent to reality. Dancing with awesome people for Div Wars, B-Major Musical nights, Sprint Theme launch and of course Div A rant calls have been the absolute highlights of 2020.

But the best news of all came on 5th December that we were being called back to campus in a phased manner. I would have loved it if they would have just opened the hostel gates and embraced us with open arms. But something is better than nothing. Filling google forms has become a muscle memory for all of us. 6th December I started refreshing the form. Once it opened, I saw that we were being given the option to choose between 18th December and 2nd January. For me choosing 18th December was a no brainer.

The time between 7th December and 18th was challenging. I notarized the wrong document. So within just a few days had to go back in winter rains to get it corrected. I had to wait just a day before my departure for my RT-PCR test results. I was slightly underprepared for the campus but my excitement compensated for everything. On 18th as I entered the campus through the 4th gate, I saw the security guard at SPJIMR. That was the first person I met when on campus. Never have I been so excited to see a security guy in my life. Rashmi Sharma from my division also landed on campus at the same time. It was so great to see another person here at SPJIMR.

Saying good-bye to my Aai Baba was tough. But since then, I have been quarantining on the first floor of B-29. As I write this article making good use of the time that I have, I would just like to say solitude is not a bad thing. I have not gone into any Zen mode. As I peep out of the window every evening to see the seniors play futsal or listen to the faculties play TT in the basement or try to find out different ways to interact with my fellow quarantine mates while doing the laundry, or heating food, or filling bottles, I can stake claim that quarantine has not been that difficult.

Half way into the quarantine I wait for the day when I get to roam around the campus, play sports, order tasty food, watch movies with friends together. Just one more week. SPJIMR is all about courage and heart. I had the courage to listen to my heart and choose 18th December as my day for campus return. One thing is for sure, it has been one of my best decisions so far. 2021 will hopefully be kinder to me than 2020 as I look forward to exploring the MBA life on campus.

Rushi Deshpande

PGDM 2020-2022

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