Am I audible?

Published on : November 25, 2020

The three most repeated words in our MBA journey so far, “Am I audible?”, most appropriately summarizes our unique experience.

PGP-1. We were oblivious of what these letters mean until 4 months back and one-term into the course, we already have a lifetime of memories to cherish, associated with PGP-1. It has been an enthralling journey right from the interview experience at the campus, to receiving the admission offer and finally the proud moment of calling ourselves #IamSPJIMR.

It all started with the StudCon welcome that has been etched in our memories forever. As we were swallowing the excitement of the welcome week, the fear of PFC started mounting. But somehow, virtually connected, we all sailed through. We also started with that “Sattar” minutes of lecture every day, but we don’t have to rush to the Acad-block rather just “ZOOM” it. From raising the hand virtually to expressing it all in the chatbox, from facing persistent bandwidth issues to using the virtual reaction, swamped in assignments and quizzes for last week, we passed the Term-1.

We don’t get to rush to the bistro in the break and miss out on sipping the morning tea with friends, but our moms will serve us fresh breakfast on our study table itself. This batch of 2022 is not only the “Panic Batch” but also an adaptive one. Well, not only the gossips but even the class learnings, memes say it all for us! Our quizzes and exams are another tale to tell. The quizzes passed by in a blink of an eye and the adrenalin rush in those last-minute submissions. We feel like we have seen it all in the first three months!

The only constant we have had over the last 5 months are the batchmates we met online. These batchmates turned into friends soon and friendships made over WhatsApp groups and informal zoom calls are precious. When we met our academic group for the first time, we were sceptical and resistant. But we found our comfort zone in those breakout rooms and now when we step in the new term and gel up with the new academic group, we carry with us four special friendships.

This energetic batch has been the epitome of optimism. Experiencing the online-PG Lab, celebrating the Ganpati festivals and the events like Teacher’s day and fest theme launch, we can proudly say we have learned to do it, enjoy it all virtually.

It is now a virtual family for us and we can’t wait to immerse ourselves in the echo of PGP-PGP-PGP-1 chants on the day we arrive at campus for the first time! We miss the campus though we have never been to the campus. Indeed, we are a special batch and experiencing unexpected college life.

I have tried capturing the emotions of the Batch of 2022 in the below lines -


We all will shine in SPJIMR’s garden of glory,

We are here to bag our life story!

We have our own tale to tell, the one on which we virtually embarked,

Guided by the ray of light in the despair dark,

We will it flow with a spark!

SPJIMR gives us the courage and heart,

A little push from our professors and we got a head-start!

Our destination is two years away,

We look to convert into reality, the model of clay!




PGDM 2020-2022

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