Renganathan Krishnamurthy

Assistant Professor

Strategy & Innovation

Renganathan Krishnamurthy has around 9 years of experience. Out of this, 4 years are in the IT industry and the rest in market research and consulting. His research interests are around digital strategy and its impact on society. Specifically, he is interested in studying Strategy Management in the Face of Digital Technologies and the rise of business models such as digital platforms and incumbent response to such technologies and business models. He specialises in methods such as Natural Language Processing and simulation.

Prior to his Ph.D. enrolment at IIMA, Renganathan had completed his MBA from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher learning and engineering from Anna University.

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  • Case Studies

    Tega Industries: The South African Acquisition – A Case Study. HBSP# A00321

  • Non- Teaching

    Around 9 years of experience in IT, market Research and consulting. Worked with a diverse of clients across the globe to aid in financial modelling, identifying and evaluating growth opportunities, and technology industry analysis.

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