Programme overview

With global transaction value for digital payments estimated to reach US$12.4 trillion by 2025, India is poised to contribute to nearly 2.2% of the world’s digital payment market by 2023 alone (PCI & PWC, 2020). India’s growth story of digital payments has also been fueled by UPI, Bharat QR and mobile wallets, that have ensured last-mile connectivity.

This Executive Certificate Programme in FinTech & Blockchain from S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai (SPJIMR) provides an unmatched overview of how digital transformation and disruption is impacting the BFSI industry. Curated by SPJIMR’s Centre for Financial Studies (CFS), a knowledge partner to the industry in the area of finance, this programme will enable you to leverage blockchain technology and FinTech for increasing market share, revenue growth and mitigating financial risks.

As part of the programme, you will also get access to Emeritus Career Services, which empowers you to manage your career proactively.


  • 7 Months Programme
  • Become Skilled in Technology-driven Financial Strategies
  • Learn from Leading SPJIMR Faculty and Industry Experts
  • 7 Industry-oriented Modules
  • Experience Live Online Learning Without Taking a Career Break
  • Gain Practical Insights from Real-world Case Studies
  • Receive a SPJIMR Certificate of Completion
  • Expand Your Professional Network with Experienced Peers and Alumni
  • Be Eligible for the SPJIMR Executive Alumni Status

Programme Director

Dr. Vidhu Shekhar

Assistant Professor,
Finance & Economics Associate Head – Center For Financial Services

Dr. Vidhu Shekhar, a faculty in Finance & Economics area at SPJIMR, has completed his Ph.D. in Financial Economics from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Prior to his Ph.D., he completed his MBA from IIM Calcutta (2006) and a B.Tech (H) from IIT Kharagpur (2004).

Post his MBA, he has worked in the Financial Services industry for 6 years in various roles across leading Indian/Global Investment Banks and Private Equity firms. He is also a co-founder of a B2B SaaS Fintech Firm –

His research interest is anchored on topics including Financial Economics, FinTech, Behavioural Finance, and Heterodox Economics. He is currently the Associate Head of the Centre for Financial Services at SPJIMR.

Programme modules

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Module 1FinTech: Introduction and Overview
  • What Is FinTech – Evolution from E-Finance to FinTech
  • How Is FinTech Transforming Finance?
  • FinTech Ecosystem, Business Models & Emerging Sectors
  • Role of Python & R in FinTech
  • “Hello FinTech World” In Python
Module 2Understanding Blockchain
  • An Introduction to Blockchain
  • Public Key, Private Key & Hashing
  • Blockchain Proof of Work & Mining
  • Blockchain Security
  • Smart Contracts and Ethereum
  • Demo: Making Your Own Smart Contract
  • Reshaping Trade Finance
Module 3Cryptos Cryptos Everywhere
  • Understanding Cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin, Filecoin, Ethereum & Dogecoin
  • Stablecoins
  • The Ways of ICOs
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • Enterprise Blockchain
Module 4Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Finance
  • Introduction of AI & ML
  • Understanding Basic Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks & Their Architecture
  • Basics of Decision Trees & Random Forests
  • Role of AI in Reshaping Financial Services
  • AI in Text Mining & Credit Analytics
  • AI and Future of Finance
Module 5FinTech Regulations
  • FinTech Regulations Overview
  • FinTech Regulations Worldwide
  • Sector Wise FinTech Regulations in India
  • FinTech Sandboxes
  • RegTech
Module 6More FinTech Applications
  • Payments & Alternative Lending
  • IoT & Insurance Sector
  • RoboAdvisory & AltPMS
  • Chatbots & Virtual Relationship Managers

Start your SPJIMR journey

Relevant for professionals across the BFSI industry, this cutting-edge programme offers insights into innovative financial solutions. The programme is beneficial for:

  • Mid to senior-level managers interested in understanding the growth opportunities enabled by blockchain and FinTech applications
  • Business heads/ leaders keen to strengthen their knowledge and integrate blockchain and FinTech in strategic planning and business expansion
  • Consultants/ finance professionals looking to enhance their expertise in applying blockchain and FinTech for innovative financial solutions
  • Early-stage professionals/ aspiring financial analysts who want to learn how digital disruption through blockchain and FinTech is impacting the banking ecosystem
  • Entrepreneurs/ business owners interested in exploring how blockchain and FinTech can be harnessed for competitive advantage and business growth
  • Explore the opportunities enabled by blockchain applications in the BFSI industry, its design rationale and limitations
  • Understand the ongoing digital transformation and disruption in the BFSI industry due to technologies such as ML/ AI, RPA, Blockchain, IoT, and Chatbots
  • Gain insights into Blockchain technology and its evolving role in the emergence of smart contracts and in shaping Trade Finance
  • Understanding Cryptocurriencies and new-age digital currency concepts like Bitcoin, Filecoin, Stablecoins, and ICOs
  • Discover data analytics applications like credit analytics and their relevance to FinTech
  • Draw lessons from the new regulatory landscape and explore the growing significance of RegTech

SPJIMR alumni benefits

On successful completion of the programme, participants will be eligible for the prestigious SPJIMR Executive Alumni Status and a host of benefits, including:

  • Lifetime ‘Executive Alumni Status’ from SPJIMR
  • Access to the Institute’s executive alumni portal, social media groups and campus updates
  • Invitation to SPJIMR webinars and business conclaves (T&C apply)
  • Access to the SPJIMR library on-campus (browsing only)
  • Alumni discounts on MDP Programmesc

* The Executive Alumni benefits are subject to the discretion of SPJIMR.

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