Programme genesis

Top-performing organizations around the world are focused on execution excellence. The reason is simple: The ability to manage value creation processes efficiently and effectively— without waste—provides a competitive advantage.

To fully realize these benefits, companies must identify and educate leaders who can learn the concepts and tools of value stream management; employee inclusion in problem-solving; waste reduction; and capability building and innovation. Individuals who acquire these skills become the lean leaders that their organizations need to help drive change, improve processes, build customer satisfaction, and enhance the company’s competitive position.

S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research in collaboration with the Ohio State University brings to you one of a kind new age Certificate Program in Execution Excellence that goes beyond training. Each participant identifies a challenge or a problem and the same is diagnosed during pre-programme selection, the participant along with his coach and supervisor works on the problem solution. This is a proven approach to help drive participants’ comprehension and application of the learning. It also provides a solid return on investment for the company.

Programme goals

A key part of this course is a live project that each participant will work on, with a coach, throughout the programme. The process begins with the participant identifying a challenge or a problem area they will address in their organization. A discussion on the problem area will include a faculty member from the programme, the participant along with his/her supervisor or manager, and ideally an executive sponsor from their organization. The intent of this discussion is to ensure that the selected project:

  • Is aligned with corporate goals and strategy
  • Is relevant to the business/operations
  • Will yield meaningful and measurable results / ROI
  • Is achievable, within the proper time frame.

Learning objectives

  • Build Problem Solving Rigor Grow the ability to see problems, as well as the capability to truly solve them in a thorough and sustainable way.
  • Able to Effect Change Build the confidence and the capability to lead change, and to manage both the change initiatives, and the ongoing operations, concurrently.
  • Become an Effective Leader Going to where the work is done; asking the right questions; building team commitment and collaboration; creating other leaders.
  • Application of Concepts and Tools Achieving both an intellectual and practical understanding of the tools and techniques used to solve problems and improve performance across the organization.
  • Demonstrate Proven Results Identify a specific improvement opportunity and lead the work on this project, reporting the results at the conclusion of the course.

Programme curriculum

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Phase I

Topics for the 5 Days In-person Session to be held in April 2022

  • Execution Excellence System Overview
  • Introduction to A3 Storyboards; A3 Thinking; Problem Workshop
  • Introduction to Value Stream Mapping; Cause Mapping; 5S; Risk Analysis; FMEA
  • Basic Concepts in Standardized Work
  • Company Visit: Best in Class, local example of Execution excellence; Review Problem Statements
  • Refine Problem Statements
Distance Coaching Between Phase I & II

Each participant will have a coach assigned to help guide them through their project work. The role of the coach is to ensure good progress, answer questions, and help work through any challenges that the participant is facing. This coaching support reinforces the learning through application, and it adds value through improved project outcomes.

Phase II

Topics for the 5 Days In-person Session to be held in August 2022

  • Organizational Transformation; Lean Management System
  • Standardized Work for Leaders; Working Tour: Service Business; Tiered Visual Management
  • Tools, Systems & Principles; Working Tour: Product Business
  • Capstone Simulation: Lean Office Case Study
  • Capstone continues; Project report-outs; Reflection

Who should attend?

This programme is ideal for anyone aspiring to become a lean leader, and a highly-valued contributor to their company. Importantly, this knowledge is applicable and beneficial for any industry, including manufacturing, service, healthcare, retail, logistics, finance and technology.

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