Women Leaders Programme

Inspired Leadership for Business Transformation

Mahindra group, a US $ 20.7 billion global federation of companies primarily known for its rugged automobiles, IT solutions and rural prosperity has taken big strides in fostering an environment of inclusion and empowerment that will enable people and communities to Rise.

Gender diversity is thus a key focus area for the Mahindra group. With SPJIMR as knowledge partner, Mahindra launched an innovative 18 month long program specially designed for women employees in middle management cadre to develop competencies and guide aspirations needed to advance into future leadership positions.

Having extensive experience in pioneering customized innovative programs for emerging and under-served segments & make them successful, SPJIMR believes in forging deep industry- academic partnerships to enable superior insights and positively impact both the practice and theory of management.

The Institute is committed to promote gender diversity and inclusion at all levels of management and partnering with the Mahindra group for their Women Leader Program (WLP) was a step in that direction.

The Mahindra Group won UN GCNI Award for Best Innovative Practices for Women at Workplace for successfully implementing a first of its kind Women Leaders Program (WLP) in collaboration with SPJIMR in March 2018. 


WLP - A leadership program that enable participants to understand the core leadership dimensions with an opportunity to apply it real time. As a woman manager I might have applied some of these in my journey so far, but this program will enable me to be a woman leader with conscious application of these leadership traits, act with confidence and help me transform my goals into powerful results to make a lasting impact.

The program helped us explore leadership best practices , exchange ideas with the faculty and peers from across the Mahindra group and also understand  how each of my colleagues applied these dimensions as women in various work environments and businesses

A very vital investment by the Group to nurture Women Power in Corporate India.. proving the group believes in practical steps when it comes to gender equality.  


Sathyabama Ramadas
Delivery Head, Strategic accounts
Automotive Business Unit, Tech Mahindra 

I had heard about corporates recognizing the importance of women power, in Mahindra & Mahindra “we experience it’’.

The Women Leaders Program was designed for we ladies in middle level management to make a holistic growth in all the areas of leadership. The knowledge gained during the program by each one of us is going  to help us to face competitive challenges in our respective industries.

The support and constant monitoring of the program to achieve expected outcome  by the Apex team is really commendable and shows the commitment and trust towards the Women Power in the organization. 

I am extremely  proud to be a part of Mahindra & Mahindra.”

SeemaKarhade, AFS

" WLP has been a transformational journey for all of us. The experience helped us discover who we are as individuals , our unique power, and helped us chart out our  road map., nurture our own capabilities and grow in leadership roles in our workplace. This program helped us redefine our meaning & purpose, vison  , joy & personal well-being, in addition to achieving our goals. From classroom connects to role modelling  , from mentoring and coaching, from IDAPs to leadership projects , from our faculty sessions to the fun outbound programs to our unique connect as a group we have  able to redefine our inclusive life goals .

The phases during this journey pushed us to knowing our own burn-out warning signals and to listen to them, thereby helping us to manage and nurture our energy levels Our Evening stretch assignments, group discussions and presentations coupled with the Business Strategy , Business Finance sessions with real life simulations nurtured our business acumen.

The program enabled us to think inside-out, by overcoming are inner barriers and helped us move from a reactive space to a much more creative space.During this journey we increased and grew our personal network, developed a strong support system with our mentors and helped us to look beyond work-life balance.

This journey enabled us to unpeel (read as unlearn) our leadership styles. Helped us to dwell upon the leader each one of us wants to be, the legacy we want to leave, the dream we want to live, and connecting us to larger goal and inspiring true followership. Principles of design thinking , developing an eco system for innovation , Reflective Conversion helped leveraging in sighting and empathy in solving business problems and enabling whole brain thinking .

Managing self, managing emotions, situational leadership modules  helped us to  emerge as whole brain leaders and leverage on lateral leadership .

Atreyi Banerjee
HR – Tech Mahindra

" WLP introduced new horizons to my thought processes, a platform to closely observe  and keenly learn leadership skills from Mentors, Coach ,Project guide, Eminent speakers and Subject matter experts. This program has created pathways for my professional and personal growth and gifted me a group of friends who are enthusiastic, passionate and  outstanding professionals,  whom I can count upon whenever I feel and wherever I am , certainly a lifelong bond to cherish!

Chhama Pandey, Mahindra Finance


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