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Overview of the Course- MS in Global Supply Chain

The USC Marshall Centre for Global Supply Chain Management, USC Marshall School of Business, offers its Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management in collaboration with the USC Marshall Viterbi School of Engineering. Southern California’s most prestigious Research University, USC Marshall connects the world of Global Supply Chain Management through the utilization of Network, Education and Advanced Research [NEAR]. Ranked in the top 25 B-Schools in the United States and strategically located in Los Angeles, California, a hub for trade and business development in the Pacific rim, the state-of-the-art Resource Centre works with country specific Supply Chain gateways to keep member community updated with news, trends and critical changes in the Supply Chain Industry.

Capitalizing on its global network, industry experience and renowned Faculty, USC Marshall is one of the top thought leaders in the realm of Global Supply Chain Management. As an industry leader in cultivating top business talent, the Centre for Global Supply Chain Management leads the effort to streamline efficiency and supply chain in an increasingly global economy.

SPJIMR’s Global Management Programme (GMP) partners with USC Marshall School of Business for MS in Global Supply Chain or Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management program (GSCM). GSCM nurtures the candidate towards an increasingly developing world in supply chain management globally. USC Marshall offers a top of notch academic excellence in supply chain management incorporating live industry projects providing domestic and international site visits to Singapore and Los Angeles giving it a real-world application experience. In the process, the students learn, develop and discover solutions to challenging supply chain issues.

GMP’s partner school (USC Marshall) is the oldest business school in Southern California with a recent accreditation received - Thematic Pathway for Reaffirmation (TRP). 1.4K students across the globe travel each year to complete the course with USC Marshall. The program offered is a STEM-designated Degree Program according to the US Department of Homeland Security. This allows international students wishing to work in the US, the benefit of 36 months of full work authorization after graduation.

USC Marshall’s MS in GSCM course is a residential program, which is designed for fresher, recent college pass outs and new professionals this is conducted at the main campus of the nation’s largest international trade hub, Los Angeles. USC's Master degree in Global Supply Chain Management is a combination of business education similar to an MBA. Strong and functional knowledge from a Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management or Logistics makes it a top-tier academia-learning platform giving you a strong career path.


MS in Global Supply Chain


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Global Supply Chain Management

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Why should I pursue Global Supply chain management from SPJIMR/GMP partnered with USC Marshall?

After completing the first semester at SPJIMR’s GMP programme, the credits earned by the students at Global Management Programme in India, are transferred to GSCM at USC Marshall to complete the credits assigned to them as part of the course curriculum. Being a full-time program at SPJIMR and USC Marshall gives the candidate a unique flavour of studying and understanding the Indian market and supply chain management in an international scenario. There is a high return on investment (ROI) for students joining partner schools through SPJIMR’s GMP in the form of high scholarships ranging from 40% to 100%. The live training across relevant industries helps the students to achieve excellent knowledge and learning from industry experts and provides them access to the latest expertise of the different models currently used.

SPJIMR has a very clear and transparent process for admissions for aspirants applying for the course. Once the aspirant fills the online form to apply to SPJIMR with an interest in MS in Global Supply chain Management course with USC Marshall School, the candidate’s profile is shortlisted with the admissions team based on his/her scores of graduation, entrance exams, extra-curricular activities (if any) the SOPs and Letter of recommendation. Candidates can also submit the online form and appear for interviews without any entrance exam scores, as a Deferred Candidate and they can submit the scores to the program office at a later date. This is a very smooth process and the aspirant is updated at every level of process execution. The aspirant’s interview is conducted as the first round with SPJIMR and once the aspirant clears Round I, the second round is scheduled with USC Marshall, with scores collation of SPJIMR and the partner school. After the interview is completed, the candidate is sent an offer letter, once accepted by him/her, the curriculum is sent to the student. The semester at SPJIMR gives an overview of management courses - marketing, global product management, finance, operations, economics, communications, supply chain etc. There is a mix of supply chain courses offered in the compulsory category, as well as elective, for those who are looking for specialization, as in the case of getting into USC school. The mix of SPJIMR and USC Marshall gives the student a benefit of both the worlds, studying and getting an alumni status at SPJIMR, which is India’s top-3 Business School as well as USC Marshall, the best school in the southern state of California. A student who is enrolling in MS in Global Supply Chain- this collaborative course, graduates with the benefits of both worlds.

The credits earned at SPJIMR, are transferred to the partner school at USC Marshall to continue the further completion of the next semester and credits. A student is awarded a certificate of completion of a semester from SPJIMR and a final graduation degree from USC Marshall School. This gives the student a dual-alumni status and benefits. The faculty teaching at SPJIMR is doctorates with multiple years of world-class academic, research and corporate experience. The teaching-learning experience is multifold and interaction among students and faculty members gives it a riveting turn while they present the students with case-based scenarios and examples of their personal experiences in the working environment. This helps the students to gauge and solve a problem and understand the real-world issues in relation to supply chain management and logistics management.

Multiple case studies from across relevant and globally acknowledged sources, research papers wrote over time by all the experts around the world are shared with the students to have a better outlook towards problem-solving and analysis. Many simulations are used to teach and make the student understand the cycle of logistics, issues faced and hence sharpen the problem-solving skills. Many assignments and group work activities are conducted for students to enable them to understand the entire funnel of the supply chain from top to bottom or bottom to top. They are taught general concepts to specifics like logistic management, supply chain management and operations management, customer orientation, supply chain coordination, competitor orientation, marketing, logistics, etc.

What is Global Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is a system that is used by any business to produce products and/or services. In general, terms it is the end-to-end study of the management of the goods and services - the raw material procurement, storage, inventory of raw material as well as finished goods, transportation from one location to another. Though it sounds simple, its study is very complex and the entire chain of a product life cycle is very interesting which requires many facts to be in sync with each other, between businesses and locations. It gives an open network and enhances experiential learning.

The USC Marshall also gives an overview of how the international regulations compliance of non-government organizations is functional.

MS in Global Supply Chain Management [GSCM] after GMP: Highlights

  • Increased demand for professionals in Supply Chain sector due to exponential growth of global marketplace.
  • Vast scope – acute shortage of Supply Chain talent globally.
  • 100% STEM Designated.
  • Strategically located in LA, a trade and business hub for a plethora of job opportunities.
  • Merit/ Need based Scholarships awarded to deserving candidates.
  • Two experiential modules, in Singapore and Los Angeles, both leading International Supply Chain hubs, provide an environment for practical application of supply chain concepts learned in the classrooms.
  • Cohort Members include individuals working at leading companies such as Apple, Nestle, Walmart, Bank of America, Boeing and Northrop Grumman.
  • Specialised workshops and training courses taught by top notch Faculty and Industry experts to develop advanced skills and proficiency.
  • Industry network connect initiatives to connect students with employers and alumni through job recruitment events, career workshops and trainings.

Benefits of this program

If you are a working professional with a long 10-year tenure of experience in the supply chain or logistics division or even if you have just graduated, the Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management gives you an edge towards achieving your academic and professional goals. The program takes you to many interesting places for experiential trips, with one-week travel twice, to international supply chain destinations namely in Singapore and Los Angeles. The tours to cutting-edge companies and facilities give the student a hands-on understanding of the entire cycle of logistics and supply chain from local industry experts and policymakers. It is a week-long intensive experiential learning trip. Towards the end of the program, students usually get to spend a week visiting the highly restricted facilities of companies into major supply chain giants of supermarkets and distributors and their centres. Students gather an end-to-end knowledge and understanding of subjects and concepts like logistics and distribution, planning and strategic procurement, distribution, outsourcing, how information and technology plays a role in managing global supply chains and how these impact the process of developing new products. During their tour, all information related to international logistics and supply chain management is delivered to them. Based on the learning from their tour, students do their own research and make presentations.

All the enrolled students at USC for MS in Global Supply chain Management program are required to work on live and real-time industry projects to receive their Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and further prepare for the digital transformation through core courses and electives covering supply chain analytics, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

Global logistics and supply chain management gives access to industry and industry professionals, which is unlikely offered by any other platform. Students can participate by attending conferences and seminars and also participate in the Annual Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit and Industry-Network Connect (INC) networking night. The Master's program at the USC Marshall School is one of the top-ranked programs in the United States of America. They were Ranked #1 for their Online Master's program by the U.S. News & World Report 2020, Best Colleges 2020, and The Best 2020. The faculty teaching is world-renowned, leading scholars and experts in their fields. They also strive to excel in all areas of the program including education, research, industry outreach, networking, and global connectivity.

How Do I Gain Entry to Global Supply Chain Management Program/How to apply in the course?

In collaboration with USC Marshall School of Business, SPJIMR’s GMP offers MS in Global Supply Chain Management that is a 12-month programme and can be applied by freshers or candidates with work experience.

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