Tug of war

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A "Tug of war" was organised by PGDM 2016-18 batch on July 8, 2016. The sport was chosen to strengthen the bond within and across programmes and laying the foundation for the year ahead. The team, 'Dumdaar Dus' were declared as the winners.

SportsCom team had a range of things to tackle, ranging from preparation and approval of budget to procurement of accessories and refreshments and from designing of posters to sending out invitations to students and faculty across programmes. The events team of the sports committee designed the format, and the rules and regulations of the game. All team members shouldered additional responsibilities and ensured a smooth progress of the event proceedings, making it a grand success.

The teams were brimming with enthusiasm and the presence of the Dean – Dr. Ranjan Banerjee and faculty members - Dr. Suranjan Das and Mrs. Ratika Gore made it more exciting.

A total of 17 teams including 17 GMP (Global Management Programme) students participated in the knockout rounds, from which the eight winning teams made it to the quarter finals. Each team had ten PGDM students including at least three and at most four girls and one GMP student. The cross programme team composition was an important factor in bringing PGDM and GMP students together.

The highlight of the day was the friendly inter-programme match between GMP and PGDM students. 

The most hard-fought and the longest match was played between the event winners Dumdaar Dus and Bhaijaans. The Grand Finale was fought between Dumdaar Dus and The Wall. It was a see-saw battle, going from end to end, which finally culminated in Dumdaar Dus donning the winners cap!

The  event ignited the competitive spirits among the students and at the same time brought about unity in the batch.


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