StartUp Weekend : Design Thinking & ECommerce

Design Thinking

Today, we live in a world of rapid change and information overload. The consequences are far reaching. We can hardly imagine a world like it was just a decade ago. Slowly but surely traditional practises for doing businesses are shifting to a new reality.

As a result, the businesses have to change more fundamentally. They need innovative business models, company structures, employee profiles, leadership and above all different ways of looking at things & interacting with stakeholders. Businesses need to be proactive, by imagining what the world could be like tomorrow and by continuously innovating on various systems, processes, spaces, products and services.

How can one prepare for a future one can’t predict?

This is the basis of Design Thinking with its focus on Human Centred Design. Design Thinking is a powerful tool to tackle the unstructured & the unknown.

This is an appreciation course, that will take the participants through the ‘Creative Problem Solving’ process of Design Thinking & Innovation. The course will help the participants to re-imagine the new age challenges and emerging business opportunities.

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Sessions will include:

  • The History of Commerce to E-Commerce: An overview of Retail and Distribution
  • The Value Proposition of Online Retailing
  • Overview of Current E-Commerce  Industry - Worldwide and India
  • Product/Service  Categories that do well on E-Commerce 
  • Choosing and Evaluating a Product/Service Idea
  • Building the E-Commerce Store and Acquiring  Customers
  • Growing the Sales Channels
  • Fulfilling the Promise - Creating the 'Back-end Infrastructure'
  • Leveraging the E-Commerce Ecosystems to Enhance Revenues from Existing and New Clients.
  • Increasing Repeat Business from Existing Customers
  • Adding new Products/ Categories
  • Using Analytics to keep and eye on the ROI  (An overview of Google Analytics)

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StartUp Weekend Date & Fee Details:


Saturday,12 September

Sunday,13 September


0900 – 1410 hrs

Application fees

Rs. 200

Programme Fees

Rs. 10000 + GST

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