Predictive Analytics in HR

Programme Overview 

In the age of rapid automation and digitalisation of processes, knowledge of analytical tools for people management is known to enhance the line manager’s productivity/deliverables as well as overall organisational performance. As per McKinsey Global Institute - embedding analytics in people processes can increase productivity by 4% which in a labour cost of $ 6 trillion is approximately to $ 250 billion in bottomline improvement per year.

The above has been aided through movement from recording and comparing data (descriptive) to predictive and prescriptive approaches, which can be positively correlated to market, financial and organisational outcomes.

With millennials – Gen Y - in the workforce there would also be a significant move towards evidence-based management systems to meet expectations around greater transparency, objectivity, speed and agility. All of the above require a change towards a data-inspired style of management and culture – moving away from elitist to egalitarian, thereby being more humane, sensitive and ethical.

The programme would focus on preparing experienced professionals to create the workplace of the future that would benefit from the use of analytics in people management areas. This would also have a positive impact on the career trajectory of the  professional in future.

Target Audience 

Mid to Sr HR professionals / line managers with HR responsibilities


  • Hands-on application and exercises on analytics application in core  HR domains and live case studies.

Programme Contents

  • HRM : An Analytical and Informational Perspective
  • Strategic Workforce Planning, Talent and Learning Analytics
  • Moving from Descriptive to Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Data Analytics Frameworks, Basic Predictive Models and Applications
  • Data Analysis- Leveraging critical thinking, questioning and in sighting for tangible results
  • HRM Technology and Tools
  • Ethics in Analytics
  • Implementing Analytics. 

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