Organisational Performance Management using Balanced Score Cards

Programme Overview :

Balanced Score Cards (BSCs) have revolutionised the way companies improve their performance. In organisations of today, it is one of the most commonly used tools to achieve superior performance. In fact, it is a necessary tool, if organisations seek to be excellent in their overall performance, consistently, year-on-year. This programme intends to make participants familiar with the main principles of how BSCs can be designed, cascaded into the organisation, monitored continually and performance tracked and improved over time. The best practice of “AQUIP” ( Annual Quality Improvement Planning) technique, which has worked successfully in many Indian organisations, will be used to enable participants to use BSCs for gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. Participants will learn to develop a hands-on system of  BSCs which can  implement well crafted strategies.

Programme Objective :

At the end of the programme, participants would :

  • Understand how to use the Mission-Vision-Values framework to create company strategies
  • Prepare BSCs at different levels of a company, along with the organisational structure to design, cascade and drive performance using BSCs
  • Learn how to use the AQUIP methodology to plan, communicate and drive continual improvement in performance in a systematic way, which will inculcate a new culture and co-operative working in a company, for sustained superior financial performance.


  • Presentations by faculty
  • Hands-on group / individual work by participants
  • Videos
  • Plans of action by participants through presentations

Who should attend: CEO’s, COO’s, CXO’s, Senior managers from companies currently in the functions of HR, strategy planning, corporate planning, production and operations planning, financial planning and market / sales planning with ten to fifteen years of work experience in organisations.

Take-aways from the Programme: A blue print for designing and implementing organisational performance systems in the participants' companies, functions and departments, preparing score cards for measuring and improving performance parameters continually.

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