MBA in Real Estate (NON-STEM)

What is an MBA in Real Estate?

Real Estate is one of the captivating study tracks combining a multitude of disciplines stretching from Finance, Law, Economics, Valuation, Risk management, expansion to investment. Imagine a developed economy without infrastructure to work, live, and strive. Real Estate is a discipline with real and fundamental consequences on society and wealth It not only delivers commodities, but together with other disciplines moulds how we aspire to live and work together.

Real estate students can specialize in and dedicate themselves in their work environment, extending from but not limited to real estate funding, property management, private equity, and real estate evolution.

What can the students do with an MBA in Real Estate?

Real Estate Management will always be a necessary sector in every corner of the world. What is unique and special about this track is that it exists worldwide with every industry benefiting from specialists in this industry.  It prepares students to analyse real estate investments and projects.

An MBA in Real Estate will see students take part in courses that are both conventional and some that are more remodelled. For example, courses in economics and wealth strategy will make those who study this sector well-versed in growth, sustainability of urban infrastructure development, and management of economic trends in order to make sound decisions regarding the development of the real estate industry.

What jobs can be possible to get with MBA in Real Estate?

 Working in this speciality sector includes a fixed career that would see an authority in this field, working in both economic permanence and property enlargement. It is a unique and distinctive mix. Graduates from this track contribute to growth and sustainability of economies across the globe. Real estate careers include work on capital raising, financial analysis, real estate development, market research, leasing and urban planning.

How do the students gain entry to MBA in Real Estate?

SPJIMR's GMP connects with some of the leading business schools globally. In collaboration with Brandeis International Business School, it offers MBA in Real Estate – an 18 months programme. Candidates with a minimum 2 years of work experience can apply for this track.


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