Managing Customers for Profit

“ The true business of every company is to make customers, keep customers, and maximize customer profitability.” - Theodore Levitt

Programme Overview

“Do anything, but get that eluding market share! We can`t give an inch to competition”  “…results in customer schemes, freebies, ATL  and BTL discounts. The Sales force is motivated to sell smart, lure customers  and take the company to “increased market share”. In this entire melee what is often forgotten is that the purpose of any business is to make money. Firms end up increasing sales but the margin shrinks.

Programme Benefits

The programme will enable the marketing focus to ensure enhancing the profitability through quality customer relations. About 50% of the customers may contribute to 177% of our profits while the other 50% erode that 77%. The programme will sensitise the participants to ensure that

  • Existing highly profitable customers are protected from being poached.
  • Expensive services, if they add value to the customers, are priced based on cost-to-serve.
  • Business is gained with low cost to serve customers, where discounts are to be driven by cost to serve.
  • Win-win relationships are established with lower cost-to-serve customers.
  • May be concede permanent loss customers to competitors
  • Market share is focused on high profit customers

Programme Objectives

By the end of the programme, the participants will understand:

  • The need to focus on a sustainable bottom line
  • How to nurture customers who are profitable in the longer run
  • Pricing methods to enhance marketing and sales effectiveness for profits
  • Ways to look beyond the existing customer to sustain profitable growth

Programme Content

  • Goal congruence and need for looking beyond the functional boundaries for sustained profitability
  • Customer Value Creation and cost as a key for survival
  • Understanding existing customers
    • Pricing
    • Customer Pyramid
    • Customer/Segment/Channel Profitability
  • Measuring Marketing Effectiveness
  • Looking beyond existing customers- Impactors and the Impacted
  • Value Chain Analysis- focusing on profitable customers

Who should Attend?

Decision drivers on customer selection, segment, positioning, marketing communication, and people with responsibility for profitability reporting.


Interactive sessions, breakout exercises, creating insights through the participants' experience. Live cases from  industry will be discussed.

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Programme Dates & Fees Details :

Mumbai Campus :


 07 - 08 December, 2018


 09:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


 Rs. 29,000 + 18% Taxes


Delhi Centre :




 09:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


 Rs. 29,000 + 18% Taxes



Discounts on Fees

 Early Bird for first 5 participants


 Group of 5 to 6 participants


 Group of 3 to 4 participants


 Bhavans Alumni ( SPJIMR, SPCE & SPIT)



Contact Details:

Mumbai Campus:

Contact person: Sonal Bajla
Tel:  +91 22 61454296 /9167478295 

Delhi Centre:

Contact person: Bharat Khanna
Tel:  +91 8130545577


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