Leadership Lectures

PGMPW batch 2019 had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Ashok Ramchandran, Group Executive President - Human Resources at Aditya Birla Group.

Mr. Ramchandran discussed the four core management lessons the batch must acquire during the course:

• Acquiring functional depth of the subject with emphasis on conceptual learning

• Understanding of the subject which comes from perspective, reading and gaining knowledge

• Developing a point of view about the industry

• and ability to communicate.

Mr. Ramchandran discussed the 30-60-90 plan which he follows and idea of having an accountability partner. He also spoke about the trends in the industry and diversity inclusions across industries.

It was a wonderful session and the participants were highly motivated to restart their journey to the workplace. 


Mr. Sarvesh Ghatnekar, Associate Director, Sales HR, Kellogg  addressed the PGMPW 2019 batch. It was a highly  interactive session where he advised the students on the smooth transition back to corporate life and important dos and don'ts during the recruitment process.  


Mr. Rahul Sinha, President-HR, Pidilite Industries along with his team, addressed the batch. He introduced "Pidilite way of working"  and advised the students on the smooth transition back to corporate life. 


Ms. Savita Mittra, Area Talent Acquisition Director APAC at Abbott, addressed the third batch of the Postgraduate Management Programme for Women (PGMPW), discussing her leadership journey and management philosophy, and providing career advice which will help the students have a more comfortable transition back to the corporate space. 

She also spoke about the trends in the Asian Healthcare industry, Abbott’s strong commitment to diversity and the importance of having more women in the workplace and in leadership positions. She also held discussions with the batch on challenges commonly faced by women as they grow within their careers, how to overcome them and her own personal experiences over the years, to help them build successful careers of their own as they transition back to the workplace.


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