Structure & Curriculum

PGP-GM has been designed on the lines of the Advanced Management Programme of Harvard, but for middle level managers. The high degree of application oriented learning and contextual customisation has enabled both participants and companies to reap rich dividends from the Programme. After enrolling for PGP-GM participants have been able to effect change and influence management practice. Companies have recognised this and offered them senior positions of responsibility in charge of strategic business units both in India and abroad. Participants have gained 8 to 10 years over contemporaries after doing the programme. PGP-GM has also enabled companies to retain talent and manage scarce talent in a more effective manner.

The class will be a mix of bright participants from different companies, industries, work experience, functions, roles as well as locations.

Application exercises are assignments where the concepts studied in class are applied to a real-life situation in the organisation that a participant represents. Application exercises reinforce the learnings garnered in class and enable a participant to understand his / her organisation much better.

Examples of Application exercises

In Finance- “Analyse the balance sheet and profit and loss statement of your company for the past 5 years; calculate Liquidity ratios, Profitability ratios, Capital structure ratios and write a report on the financial health of the company”.

In Marketing- ” List the product categories and lines of your company and segregate the product lines on the basis of growth, maturity and decline in potential; identify the rationale for continuing each product line. Would you add/ delete any product item(s) from the existing product line?

Evaluation is a continuous process both on-campus and off-campus. On-campus evaluation covers group-work, quizzes, and exams. Off-campus evaluation is in the form of conceptual and application assignments.

PGP-GM is aimed at preparing working executives for general management positions and as such PGP-GM is a general management Programme- there is no functional specialisation.


RoundTest Duration (approx)
Personal Interview15 - 20 Minutes
Group Discussion30 minutes
Test of Reasoning60 minutes


The purpose of the admission process is to understand the “starting point” of the skills and traits of a student before entering the course. What is checked is the skills of the person like common sense, commercial sense, communication, interaction, dealing with people etc. The best advice we can give is that the candidate should be his/her usual “himself” or “herself”. While it is possible to prepare oneself, it is really not necessary as can be seen from the explanation given below of what generally happens in the admission tests.

Personal Interview

You will be interviewed by two professors. The style of interview is mostly conversational. In general, one need not prepare for the interview. You may brush up your communication skills; feel relaxed, focused, confident, concise and energetic.

Group Discussion

This round will have a discussion in groups on relevant current affairs. The groups formed will be of 4-6 members. The topic of discussion will be either given by the professors at the time of discussion or the group may be given a choice.

Test of reasoning

The test of reasoning is an online test with questions on quantitative ability, verbal & logical reasoning, & critical thinking & decision making. It will have 40 questions in total.

The results of the selection process will generally be announced within 5 working days of the completion of the process.


The successful participants are awarded Certificate of Post Graduate Programme in General Management by SPJIMR. 

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